The Most Influential and Famous American Serial Killers

Although serial killers are found in almost all corners of the world, but the ones in America have the right to be termed as the most famous of them all. Whether it be chopping, setting the flesh of the dead on tables, displaying the murdered on the walls or anything else, there is none who can match the innovation and the oddity of the American serial murderers. You might disagree with me on this and would recommend the use of the word infamous for them. But whatever you might want to call them, all of them are more famous than none of us would ever be. Although many years have passed since some of these killers exhibited the brutal display, but still they do manage to catch the attention of millions all over the world. So, here is the list of the 5 most influential, infamous as well as famous American serial killers.

5. Gary Leon Ridgway

Known by the name of The Green River Killer, Gary had been involved in the murder of more than 50 individuals. He was finally captured in the year 2001 and is now serving a jail sentence of 480 years in Prison. That’s not all, as later onwards Gary had confessed of carrying out the murders of more than 70 women.

Gary Ridgway

4. Ted Bundy

The reason for which Ted is so famous or infamous lies in his killing spree which he had initiated in the year 1974. What’s more bizarre is the fact that the spree continued for about 5 years until his capture in the year 1979. Now, you can only imagine the number of people which he would have murdered. He confessed of carrying out 30 murders, but the authorities considered the count to be around 100. Finally he was executed in the year 1989 through the process of electrocution.

Ted Bundy

3. John Wayne Gacy

Famous by the name of The Killer Clown, Gacy was involved in the rape and murder of many boys and men. He did all this between 1972 to the year 1978. At the time he had discovered by the police, this mad man had around 29 bodies hidden in different corners of his home. In the year 1994, his death sentence was carried out through the use of a lethal injection.

John Wayne Gacy

2. The Zodiac Killer

You might have seen a number of movies depicting the story of the Zodiac Killer. Moreover, there have been some confessions by different people in terms of being the original zodiac. But till date, nothing can be said for sure as who exactly carried out the murder of 5 to 30 people in the years 1968-69. He had also sent a number of cryptic as well as horrifying messages to the local newspapers even after the killings had been stopped.

The Zodiac Killer

1. Jeffery Dahmer

In the later years of the 1980’s, Dahmer was involved a multiple number of killings. Nobody knows the exact count of the killings, but it is believed that he did kill around 17 to 20 men. It is also said that the 18th victim of his brutality and insanity was the one who led to his capture. He is well known for eating or consuming the parts of these victims, the proof of which had been found in his apartment. He died in prison in the year 1994 due to quite obvious reasons. It can be said with some confidence here, that Dahmer remains one of the most influential American serial killers.


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