5 Amazing and Crazy Texting Gadgets

Texting is something which all of you might love. Apart from what the elderly have to say about the era of hyper globalization, people do more texting than they anything else. If you only calculate the number of hours you spend in waiting for the texts or writing them, you will be amazed to know about the time which has gone wasted. The reason for this list being is to point to you about the amazing gadgets which have been invented till now. Here is the list of the 5 most amazing and crazy texting gadgets.

5. Brolly Texting Umbrella

You know something-You are a slave to your phone and getting yourself free is not going to be easy. The umbrella has been designed to have a soft rubber handle so that you may never have to keep it steady while texting. Moreover, all other features of the umbrella also keep the amount of force minimal. But the gadget might not come in handy at times of high speed wind and rain.

Brolly Texting Umbrella

4. Touch Screen Gloves

When it comes to the devices, then we do demand a lot. With the passage of time, our expectations have always been on the go. All of the Smartphone and iPhone users demand that they would be able to do a number of things at one time. So, by wearing these gloves, you will never face the problem of slowing down fingers while typing.

Touch Screen Gloves

3. The iPhone Case with an attached Cup holder

Ever imagined a device having an attached food receptacle? If not, then this one of a kind iPhone case will make you think again. The price for this device is also the minimal. Moreover, this device is also well suited for the texting freaks.

The iPhone Case with an attached Cup holder

2. Mobile Visor

This cover has been designed to cover your mobile screen from the nosy people. While travelling on a bus or taking a stroll across the street, you won’t always be aware about the number of people who would be trying to read your texts. So, why not make a small investment and protect your privacy?

Mobile Visor

1. Textminator

Are you tried of shooting down zombies and driving some worthless racing games? If that is so, then I have a brilliant solution to your problem. All you need to do is download Textminator. It is more like an arcade box which will make your texting appear like playing a game. Racing against the clock and texting your friends and acquaintances while using this app is something that you will get addicted to. The app also challenges the users to give a test of the texting skills which they have been acquiring and honing for many years.


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