The Weirdest New Year Traditions in the World

From broken dishes in Denmark to the ritualistic dances in Africa, here I will be sharing with the weirdest New Year traditions known to mankind. Almost all of you will be waiting for desperately waiting for the New Year. If you are not optimistic about the next year, then you should start doing it now. Many people, despite of being in aversive conditions, always look forward to the upcoming year. So why not join these people in the hope for a better world as a little hope never hurts nobody. The purpose of this post is to share with some of the most amazing traditions that are performed all over the world. The exact origins of these rituals and traditions are difficult to trace, but one thing is for sure i.e. they really help give a wonderful feeling about the year that is soon to follow. With this said, here are the 5 weirdest New Year traditions and rituals that are performed in different regions of the world.
new year traditions
5. Denmark
On the eve of the New Year, in Denmark, there is a tradition of throwing dishes at people. The dishes are thrown at the front doors of other people. There is a common belief that the more the number of dishes thrown at you, the more lucky you will be. If you plan to follow this tradition, it is best that you throw at the door and not onto someone.
4. Italy
In Italy is believed that wearing red clothes or any other form of red wear will bring in good fortune. It is also believed that using red color will result in the help of the Archangel Michael. Wearing red on this occasion is not a new thing, as it has been practices for a long time now. In one form or the other, the tradition has been practiced all over the world for a long time now.
3. Greece
On New Year Day, the very first person who will enter your house will bring a great deal of Good Luck. What if the first person to enter your home is a burglar? Well, in that case, I have no answer for you. You should always hope for the best for the year that will follow, as you never know, that when your life might change.
2. Finland
On the New Year’s Eve, a large number of people in Finland look for a piece of tin. Then they melt it and place it inside a ladle that resembles a horse shoe. Finally, it is thrown into cold water and the resulting shape is noticed. These shapes are then used as a tool for interpreting what is going to happen in the next year. It might sound bizarre to most of you, but this strategy has worked for a large number of people.
1. Belarus
For the women in Belarus, the New Year is all about finding a nice partner for themselves. For this reason, this evening is all about hitching for them. There are a number of famous games in which these women compete with one another in the hope to find a suitable partner for themselves. One such game is releasing a roster in the presence of a number of women. The woman who is first approached by the Roster will be the first one to be betrothed.

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