No Gorillas in the Backseat: 10 States With Bizarre Laws

You have to wonder how some laws of old times came into effect. In most cases, is it safe to assume that someone actually did these things and, therefore, a law had to be created to undo them; to punish them for their crimes of the time? Scribed o

n the ancient pages of state law books, commands and covenants have faded into a black hole of time. Current humanity no longer has any use for such offbeat and weird rules.


  • Could the suggested law that snoring is prohibited, with the exception that all bedroom windows are tightly locked and secured, be

    due to someone back in the day having a bad sickness or disease (the bubonic plague, perhaps) that created such an idea?

  • While no gorilla is allowed in the backseat of a car, the question therein lies…are they allowed in the front?


  • Lose the housecoats and put your clothes on ladies, because California law says you can’t be driving a car dressed in a housecoat, according to Dumb Laws (.com).
  • In the city of Blythe, one must own at least two cows if they want to wear a pair of cowboy boots.

Thankfully, when Clint Eastwood was the mayor of the city of Carmel, the once municipal law that disallowed ice cream to be eaten while standing on the sidewalk was repealed.


  • It’s all about the moose in Alaska. Don’t feed them alcoholic beverages, don’t look at ’em from an airplane and definitely don’t push a live moose out of a moving airplane or you’ll need an aviation lawyer to answer for your misdeeds.


  • Speaking of planes, in Maine, one must avoid stepping out of a plane that’s in flight or the law might come down hard. You’ll not be around to see it.
  • According to Dumb Laws (.com), making sweet sounds from a violin while simply strolling down the street is against the law. I wonder if someone used to make an annoying habit of it in the historical streets of the capital city of Augusta.


  • Put down the shears, ladies, it’s not legal, or wasn’t at one time, to cut your own hair in the state of Michigan.
  • Detroit pig owners, listen up: don’t even consider letting your pig run free without a ring in its nose.


  • Sweet home Alabama may not be as sweet without an ice cream cone in your back pocket. Apparently, you can’t have one there, says the apparent strange law. I wonder if you’re allowed to have it up your sleeve.
  • Take the blindfold off drivers, Alabama law states you can’t operate a vehicle with one on.


  • Bar owners: Be sure you’re brewing a kettle of soup while you are selling beer… they must be done simultaneously, explains Divine Caroline (.com).


  • It’s all about the animals: elephants and vehicles accrue the same parking fees when parked (or tied) to a meter; meanwhile, don’t confine an expecting mama pig to an enclosure. She shall be free…


  • Keep your paws off my meat! You could get in big trouble for taking a bite out of another person’s hamburger, reports Divine Caroline (.com).

Rhode Island

  • Much like the hamburger situation in Oklahoma, Rhode Island asks that you don’t eat another person’s leg, or even bite it off, thank you.

(Thanks to the laws suggested to be true on Dumb Laws, Divine Caroline (.com) and other circulating sites.)

After scouring the internet for validation to these former proposed requirements being actual laws of the land, many sources specified these particular choices as real.

According to Huntington News (.com), often laws are still in existence, because in order to revoke them they must go to court. With court time and costs on the line, do we really need to have these insane issues once and for all closed? Or should the courts be spending time taking care of the real perpetrators that are disrupting our cities? What do you think?

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