Top 10 Most Amazing Destinations for Christmas

The birth date of Christ is that special occasion of the year when you have a great deal of time for being invested in some of the most amazing destinations for Christmas. The same is equally applicable for the upcoming Christmas of 2012, so

you should try to get the most out of these holidays by planning a trip to the best travel sites and locations in the world. The reason for which a trip is important in this time of the year is because of the few chances you get in a year for having a getaway of your own. Moreover, a break from the strict professional routines and devastating duels with your boss. I am sure that you would definitely love to have a break from this mad house, in response to which I would be listing the top 10 most amazing destinations for Christmas. Furthermore, I would also try to give you a few top of the line travel tips that would come in real handy for saving a great deal of money on the travel expenses. Here is the list.

10. Finland

Are you obsessed with the characters that appear in Christmas plays and movies? So, what else would be better than a trip

to Finland which is known for having a large population of reindeer and an enchanting weather? In addition, you would also be able to get bookings for the best restaurants and hotels at pretty affordable rates but only if you are willing to look for the bulk deals offered by travel agencies and organizations.

9. Amsterdam. Netherlands

Although there are some heavy bookings for Amsterdam on Christmas, still you can have a few seats for your family if you plan a bit ahead of time. With an exciting night life and exotic shopping malls, Amsterdam would be a perfect getaway for you this Christmas. In order to get the best deals of the hotels and restaurants, you should try and go for the bulk packages and coupons with which you can avail a wide range of discounts.

8. Aspen, Colorado

Now here we have the real wonderland for spending these winter vacations. All around you are sure to find snowy mountains and tourist hot spots. Furthermore, the city also arranges a number of events and celebrations in the month of December which last till the eve of New Year. Not to forget the alpha class ski resorts.

7. Tokyo, Japan

If you plan to do a bit different this Christmas, then you should go for a travel deal for Tokyo. For those who do not know, the 25th of December is celebrated as a commercial vacation all over the country, with hundreds of trees and streets lighted up for this amazing day. Moreover, it is being here that you would be able to know what sort of serenity and reverence the country holds for this date.

6. Puerto Rico

If you plan to experience something deep and gratifying, then you should a ticket for Puerto Rico. Each year, millions of visitors enter into the domains of Puerto Rico out of which most of them happen to be from the US. Whether you plan to visit one of the many solitary beaches, coffee shops and shopping malls, Puerto would never let you down. Also try to visit to the well decorated streets and festivals arranged for Christmas.

5.  Nuremberg, Germany

On reaching this city, it is best that you first go for some shopping in the mega markets, prepared especially for Christmas. The destination manages to draw 2 million or more visitors each year. Being in this city on the 25th of December is like going back into history.

4. Egypt

For a more colorful and historical holiday, Egypt is one of the awesome Christmas destinations you should go for. The travel expenses also happen to be pretty affordable no matter what time of the year it might be.

3. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is surely one of the most famous sacred places to visit on Christmas. So, when you enter into the domains of the city, try to visit The St. Vitus Cathedral and Church of our Lady of Victory, at the very first. It is being here that you would realize that people from all corners of the world gather here to devote their time to prayers and other related activities.

2. Bondi Beach, Australia

The thing which makes this beach so special is the fact that you get a chance for sun bathing in December. It is because the summer in Australia starts on the 1st of December and in these times you would see a large number of people gathered at this beach which is just a few miles away from Sydney.

1. New York City

Here we have the city of dreams, which really deserves to be one of the number 1 spot, especially when it comes to the best and most amazing travel destinations for Christmas 2012. The places where you should go in your vacations include Rockefeller Center Plaza in order to witness the fantabulous Christmas tree, Macy’s and Sack Fifth Avenue and many more. But

before you buy a ticket for any of these destinations, do try to for a rate comparison and an analysis of the travel deals and discounts offered by a number of travel companies.

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