Monstrous Inhumane Mothers who Killed their Own Children

My mother loves me-This is what most of the people believe, but this list is dedicated to the monstrous and inhumane mothers who preferred to kill their own children all for their own selfish intentions and biases. Yes, it is a fact that the mother happens to be one of the few people who might care for you. It is a common belief in most of the religions, if anyone was to be worshipped after God and Jesus, it would have been the mother. There is no doubt in saying that the mother places in a great deal of effort for the wellbeing and for bringing up her children, but still there are some women who have caused a lot of damage to the worth and respect of the word “mother”. The instances I am about to share with you are also well-documented. Here are the 5 monstrous and inhumane mothers who killed their own children.

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5. Susanne Dianne

In the year 1997, a women named Susanna Dianne, did an unthinkable act. She killed her four sons from a husband whom she hated. On October 26th, she shot all her four sons in a stylized manner and then shot herself in the stomach. On asking about why she did this monstrous act, she replied that they were better off dead. According to the psychologists and mental health experts, severe depression and poor mental health management are the factors that led to her nervous breakdown. That’s a hell of a way to take revenge from your ex-husband.

4. She killed all her newborns so that her husband might not leave her

In March, 2013, a women had been sentenced for 9 years in prison all because she had been murdering all her newborn children from time to time. She killed them either in the woods or in the home without anyone knowing. She believed that her husband is going to abandon her if she would give birth to anymore children. When the husband was asked about the case, he said that he was never aware of the pregnancies. The first dumped body was found in the year 2006, the second in 2007 near a parking area and so on. When the DNA tests were carried out, it was confirmed that the two bodies had the same parents.

3. Frances Newton

In the year 1987, Frances Newton had been executed through the dose of a lethal injection all because she had murdered her husband and all her children and then placed the blame on some gangsters. At the time she did this barbarous act, she was 21 and never admitted it for many years. At the time when Frances had been executed, her parents were also included among the people who were watching.

2. Andrea Yates

Now here we have another psycho mother who confessed about drowning her 5 children, simply because she was hearing a number of voices. There has been a lot of debate on the issue that whether she was an evil mother or just mentally ill. The lawyers of the woman are of the view that she claimed for being invaded by the demons and evil spirits. As expected, she was not convicted and was given the insanity plea.

1. Mother who killed her 2 children because of having a pedophile partner

Leanne Smith, who happens to be a British citizen, confessed that she had killed her two children when her boyfriend was arrested on child abuse charges. What’s more bizarre here is the fact that she was aware of her pedophile partner during the relationship. She had another 21 year old son who said that he will never forgive her for what she did. He also said that he wished to be there at the time when his mother had been declared guilty.

Anyone can be a criminal, but after reading out this post, you should not be driven by the idea that all mothers are evil. The acts of a few cannot be used to define all.

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