How to Increase Your IQ and Get Smart

People work very hard with trying to get smart. Scoring high on the IQ test means that your future is set and that you have a good chance of getting a great job when you get out of college. There’s lots of ways in which you increase your IQ. You can even have some fun with it.

How to Increase Your IQ and Get Smart

Hang out with smart people
Get out there and find smart people like you. Just don’t meet with them once but get into a habit of meeting with them regularly. This helps with stimulating great conversation and you can cover a variety of topics. When you have intellectual discussion with people who might be intelligent you will also get exposed to new ideas that will help you in ways you didn’t except.

Read Serious Books Weekly
Shut off social media and get into the habit of reading at least one book per week that’s serious. This can be a mixture of documentaries, history and science books to name a few. Read books that will increase your vocabulary as well as improve your intelligence. If you’re not into serious book reading then listen to audio books while driving and doing other things to help with increasing your IQ.

Exercise regularly
Exercise might be the very last thing you’re even thinking about right now. How does exercise help with increasing your IQ? It improves your blood flow that helps with getting the oxygenation to your brain. Good health is a great way to ensure excellent mental health. You don’t have to exercise for long periods of time. Just long enough to where your blood flow is pumping and you feel refreshed again.

Eat healthy foods
Along with exercise you’ll want to make sure that you’re eating healthy foods. If you sit down with a book eating potato chips or candy you’ll feel sluggish and lazy. You need to have a certain amount of nutrients, electrolytes and also fuel to help with making you smart. A balanced food diet includes vegetables, fruit and vitamins.

Do meditation before you study
When you’ve had a hectic day and your mind is racing it can be hard to study. This is when you’ll want to sit down, meditate and clear your mind. Meditation improves your concentration and even helps with your attention span. It increases your alertness and creativity. You can do just a few minutes of meditation to help you with clearing your mind.

Try Nootropics
Try nootropics if you get them legally. They help with boosting mental functions with concentration. You can search on Amazon and find a variety of nootropics available. Be sure that you read the reviews of them and see what people say before you get them. Just because they might be cheap doesn’t mean that they are the best for you.

Play smart games
Take a break and have some fun. Play some games to help stimulate your mind. Too much studying can cause you to lose focus and have a hard time with remembering. When you take a break and play games it helps clear your mind again for the next study section. Be sure that you don’t play too much and moderate how much game playing you do. The main thing is to get back into studying after playing games and having fun.

Learn instruments
Playing music will help with giving your brain full body workouts. The great thing about learning instruments is that it can be fun and relaxing. If you’re not into playing games then take a break and pick up an instrument and have some fun.

Watch movies that will increase your IQ
There’s a variety of movies available that will help with increasing your IQ. They are not all boring movies and some actually fun. You can pick between documentaries or either fun movies such as Inside Out and Good Will Hunting. These types of movies help with your IQ in other ways. Watching survivor movies as well can help with your IQ as you learn how to survive out in nature and the wild.

Stop boasting about being smart
You might be smart and have an amazing IQ. However, if you boast about it to friends and people they will find you annoying and not hang out with you. Not only will they find you annoying but they will also think you’re not as smart as you claim. Help others that need help with improving their IQ and be graceful with it.

Get sleep regularly
Sleep regularly each night. Don’t switch up and change your night schedule. If you’re going to bed at 10 at night then 3 am the next night that can cause you to feel lousy. Try and stay on a regularly night schedule.

Think positive and picture your IQ increasing. Don’t give up. Make sure that you take time out for fun and spend time with your friends and family between time.

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