10 Horrible Things Adults in Their 40s and Above Might Experience at the Bar

Going to a bar seems like fun when you’re young but at as you get older things could change. You might have a love and hate relationship with the bar. If you’re an adult in your 40’s or above or even 30’s the bar scene might change around you rapidly. You might decide to not ever go back to a bar after reading these worst things that happen when you go to a bar in your 40’s or above. However, you could do and still have some fun just remember it won’t be the same like it was when you were younger.

10 Horrible Things Adults in Their 40s and Above Might Experience at the Bar

Listening to terrible music
Back in the days when you entered the bar they would play music you would love. You would be familiar with the songs. You could easily dance and ask a girl out with the music in the background. Music changes throughout the generations. Instead of the music you loved growing up you might be forced to dance to the tunes of Justin Bieber. The younger crowd might be looking at you weird as you’re in your 40s and above dancing to Justin Bieber.

Might be the oldest adult in the bar
These days, it’s a lot of the younger generation that goes to the bar. You could be looking around and just realizing that you’re the oldest one in the bar. They might all sit in the other side of the room because they don’t want to be with the oldest looking person in the bar. No matter how young you think you might look to them you will look old.

People will be taking selfies and texting
If texting bothers you or selfies then you might as well stay home. Texting is the thing these days no matter how awesome the night might be someone is bound to pull out their phone and start texting. You might also be seeing the young crowd pull out their phones to take pictures of themselves and friends. On the plus side, they could be so busy on their phones they won’t notice you standing around.

Watching the older guys hit on young hot chics
Everyone is in love with this young hot chic that you’re looking at right now. It doesn’t matter if you have money or if you might be the most handsome man in the room despite your age. Trust me, many men before you will be trying to hit on that girl that you’re eyeing. Shake it off and just enjoy her beauty from afar.

Not handling drinks like you could when you were younger
Your body changes as you get older. If you think you can handle drinking a lot without waking up sick then think again. Just stick with something that you know is gentle on your stomach and only have one. There’s no need to get carried away with having several just because everyone else is doing it. Remember, those doing it might be way younger then you and can handle it much better. You could find yourself in the bathroom every couple of minutes and not having much fun.

Not getting ID’ed
This could be a good or bad thing but you might miss out on having to pull out your card and show your ID. They all know you’re over 18 and even though they should still check your ID they know who you are and that you’re safe. It’s a bag of mix feelings when you don’t have to pull out your ID. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for all of your life, right?

Looking at older chics
So, you know it’s creepy looking at the younger chics at the bar. You find yourself trying to stay away from that and look at the older women. You might just be in for a disappointment if you want to compare the older and younger generation. You could see bags under their eyes and wrinkles. No wonder everyone is looking at that hot young chic at the bar instead.

You could sweat like crazy
If you’re planning on doing a lot of dancing and working out at the bar then you could find yourself sweating like crazy. Going in your work clothes might not be a very good thing. Try to go home and change into some comfortable clothing. This could be what helps you to prevent sweating. Of course, sweating always leads to you smelling gross, so keep that in mind when dancing.

Smelling odd perfumes and other smells
If you think perfume still smells the same as it did in the 70’s or 80’s then think again. What you might be smelling is a knock off perfume that someone picked up for $5 thinking that it smells fantastic on them. This could be making you sneeze every few minutes while you’re at the bar. Men also buy cheap products thinking it smells good on them when it wears off fast and leaves a terrible odor on them.

Having the worst hangover ever
When you were young you could handle lots of drinks without hangovers but that could change as you get older. This is also why you should just stick with only getting one drink and not go over the limit even if you think you can do it just don’t. Trust me on this one.

There’s so many other ways to have fun and look at women. Why go to a bar? Why not go out and have fun somewhere else such as a restaurant with a group of friends. You can also look online for fun things to do in your town to get some ideas. If you do decide to go, have fun and don’t get carried away while you’re at the bar.

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