11 Odd Ways In Which You Can Find Happiness at Your Job

Work can be a challenge for people on a variety of levels. It can seem as if no matter what you do you find yourself feeling unhappy with your work or job that you do daily. Often times you wish you could run away from your job but find yourself having to stick it out regardless of how you feel. If you find yourself this way then there are things in which you can do to help make the work place easier for you.

Here are 11 odd ways in which you can find happiness at your job

11. Make yourself happy before work
Before you leave work, try and make yourself happy. What makes you happy? Is it meditation? Is it that cup of coffee in the morning before you go? Is it making love to your partner before you leave that will make you happy? Is it dancing to music that will get you going? Going into the work force happy and motivated is a surefire way to help with starting off the day just right. Even if this means waking up a few minutes early before work in order to make sure you are happy when you go in then do it. You’ll be glad that you did.

10. Think positive things about your boss and coworkers
If you’re already dreading seeing your coworker or your boss before you clock in, then you’ve doomed yourself already. Start picturing positive things happening to your boss and coworkers. If they are always grumpy then start seeing them as a happy person. Just one shift in the right way can make a big difference.  Don’t get discouraged if things don’t change right away. Start practicing this daily and know that things are changing.

9. Learn from the mistakes and move on
It can be hard moving on sometimes. Maybe you did something horrible or said something bad and regret it. Learn from those mistakes and move on. Don’t keep on looking back. When you keep on looking back then
you’re not working towards the goals you have at work. Think about success and where you hope to be in a few years. You won’t get there if you’re always looking back on things and not moving forward.

8. Change your point of view
In order to be successful at work and happy that you could end up having to change your mind sometimes and your point of view. Being open minded can lead to new doors and fresh opportunities. Being closed minded can cause strife and discord. When you become open minded you’re pushing yourself out of the comfort zone. This is what leaders do. Close minded individuals never seem to get very far in the work force.

7. Stay true to yourself
In the work force it’s easy to get distracted. You might find yourself wanting to blend in. You might even be thinking that blending in is the best way to get noticed. However, it might do just the opposite. Keep your integrity at work and stay true to yourself. You might be surprised as to how people could pick up fast if you’re being a fake. Be honest, unique and real. You were hired because they loved what they saw in you and not everyone else.

6. Don’t always be self-focused
When you’re at work it can be easy to become self-focused. Instead of being self-focused try to put yourself last and help others out. Don’t do this in hopes that the boss will see you and give you a raise. Do this because it’s the best way to be at work. It can help you feel good and others might enjoy being around you more if you consider them. Sometimes all you need to do is just compliment someone to help them with feeling better about themselves.

5. Sing and Dance at work
Everyone around you is mumbling and complaining often. When you’re working down the hall or going to the next room, just break out in song and dance. You only have to do it for a moment. You don’t even have to dance. Just singing can help with changing your mood and making you happy at work.

4. Make your workplace beautiful and unique
If you have your own work booth or spot see if you can bring in pictures from home or make a spot look beautiful and unique. If you can’t do this ask the manager if you can put up some affirmations on the wall to try and help you with staying motivated during the day. It might not only help you but having affirmations on the wall might help other coworkers.

3. Drink plenty of water and liquids
If you don’t keep yourself hydrated at work it can cause you to get sick and feel off. You might even think that you’re drinking enough but you might not be. If you have a hard time with knowing how much you have had to drink then write it down and see how much you drink at the end of the day to make sure that you’re drinking enough.

2. Talk to yourself in the mirror
Literally, during a bathroom break or lunch break go look in the mirror. Give yourself a pep talk and use words that will lift up your spirits. Say affirmations and positive quotes that will help you feel better while you’re talking to yourself.

1. Look at animal pictures
Yes, you read that correctly. Looking at animal pictures online can help with stimulating your heart and make you feel good on the inside. Just pull out that phone and search cute funny animal pictures and have a laugh and smile.

Be sure that you give yourself a break and don’t be too hard on yourself. Getting a good rest at night is also important with making sure that you wake up happy and ready to start the work day. Know that you can handle whatever comes your way.



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