How to Lose Your Husband Fast

Struggling with your marriage? Worried that you’re going to be losing your husband soon? You might just be right. One day you might wake up and find another woman in your place. Signs could have been right in front of you all along and you ignored them. You find yourself thinking, how did this happen to us? Why does he love her and not me? Do you want to lose your husband or do you want to save your relationship?

How to Lose Your Husband Fast

8. Override his instruction to the children
This happens a lot in a marriage. Women start to feel as if they must control everything. Whenever their husband tells the kids something, they override it and provide a response that’s different. You might be doing this in hopes so your child or children love you more. However, it’s causing destruction to your marriage. Don’t be so quick to override what your husband wants, needs or says. Talk with him first before telling the kids the opposite.

7. Nagging him constantly
Maybe he hasn’t done the chores that you need him to do right away. The grass might even need cutting and he keeps putting it off. Instead of reminding him about it, just leave a reminder on the frig or say something in a nice tone. Sometimes men forget about things because they are busy with work or have other stuff going on and just need to be reminded but not all of the time. When you remind them constantly it might have the reverse effect and cause them to not do it.

6. Never being available romantically
This is actually one of the worst things that you could do. If you’re not making your man happy then you should know that someone else will make them happy. When men feel as if they are rejected in bed they feel like they are defeated. If you deny his right to some romance he’s going to stop asking. If you want to ensure that he cheats on you, continue to say no. if you don’t like what he does to you in bed then talk to
him about it instead of denying him the right to romance.

5. Solve everything for him
You might feel as if you’re helping him out when you’re always solving everything for him but in fact, you’re doing just the opposite. One example is that he might be getting frustrated with finding a tie that will match his outfit. You go in and pick one out and say here you go. Deep down he might actually hate the tie that you picked but doesn’t want to tell you. His emotions start to become buried deep within until one day he snaps or just leaves and talks with a woman who won’t solve everything for him.

4. Never being positive
People deal with negative situations a lot in life on a variety of levels. When women start to complain and always appear negative it can bring a man down fast. They might even start becoming depressed and feeling hopeless because you’re complaining. In time, he could start even becoming immune to it and ignoring you. In order to avoid this from happening start being positive. Compliment him on things that he does. You don’t have to be positive 24/7 but you also don’t have to be negative 24/7. There is a fine balance between the two.

3. Ignoring his messages
It’s understandable if you’re working and can’t reply to him right away but later you should at least make an attempt to respond. There are times during your busy schedule you can pause for a break and reply to him so he doesn’t feel ignored. Send him a cute message during the day. Encourage him at the time he needs it the most. When was the last time you sent him a message thanking him for all that he has done?

2. Always doing the same things
Routine is good to a point. However, if the relationship is starting to go sour then one of the best ways to spice things up is with doing things differently. Listen to what your husband is wanting to do. Maybe he wants to visit a new restaurant in town and you’ve heard bad things about it and deny him that right to eat at that place. Who knows, it might just be your favorite restaurant in the world. Stop wearing that same look alike dress each time you go on a date with him. Surprise him and wear something that he won’t be expecting. Remember, there’s a fine balance with everything. Schedule is good but throw in some surprises. If he becomes too bored that could be when he goes to someone else.

1. Not going after dreams together
Do you remember when you were first dating the two of you made a lot of goals and things that you wanted to achieve together? How many of those have you accomplished since you’ve been married. Chances are you both have been so busy working, taking care of the kids and doing other things that you have neglected your dream board. If some of those dreams don’t work or apply anymore come up with some new dreams and goals to do together. Maybe plan a nice honeymoon vacation in an exotic place that you couldn’t visit before. Have fun going after your dreams together.

If no matter what you do you’re still struggling in the relationship and you feel as if it’s going to end, maybe consider counseling together. Marriage counseling can help with saving the relationship.

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