10 Things We Should Never Apologize For

It seems one of the things we do right away when there’s been a fight or disagreement is to apologize and say sorry. Sometimes we say this so much it becomes a thing we do daily. When this happens it stops becoming sincere and the words don’t mean as much. Over-apologizing is something that we all need to work on and stop doing. There are things that we must take some responsibility for but even then, do we need to still say sorry for them? When you’re at the store and someone bumps into you’re the one who is apologizing and trying to get out of the way, when you shouldn’t even have to apologize. Chances are you were there first and they bumped into you by accident and you did nothing wrong. What are some of the things that you should not apologize for and when does it become too much?

10 Things that we should never apologize for

Past Mistakes
The past is in the past. Leave it in the past. There’s no reason why you need to bring it up in order to keep apologizing. Talk about it, learn from it and then let it go. Apologizing for it over and over also is not good for your health and can cause health issues later from thinking about the past so much and apologizing. Just let go and move forward. Once it’s done it’s over.

Having time by yourself
Some people do not understand why having time by themselves is important. Being along helps with being able to re-energize yourself. If someone can’t respect you enough to allow you to have alone time then they might not even be worth hanging out with because everyone needs time by themselves at some point, so never apologize for being alone.

Your diet
It doesn’t matter if you’re vegan, eat meat, or indulge whenever you want. You should never have to apologize for your diet and what you eat. If you’re on a certain diet then be kind and thoughtful to others and know that not everyone is like you and you shouldn’t force them to be like you. Even if it’s not healthy then don’t apologize for it because in the end, it’s your body.

Staying in bed all day
Who cares if you have the day off and stay in bed all day. This falls into having time alone and being with yourself. Sometimes being in bed by yourself is very refreshing and can help. The main thing is just not to stay in bed too long and get depressed. However, doing it sometimes is the best feeling ever.

Being busy
Yes, some people feel like they should apologize for being busy and having a life. People with no life might not understand what it is like to have a life and be busy. Stop trying to apologize for being busy and having a life. Go out there, have fun, make the most of out of life that you can.

Getting sick
it’s not your fault that you got sick. Stop apologizing for getting sick. Don’t feel guilty or bad for being sick. Everyone at some point has gotten sick. The main thing is when you’re sick is to not stress out and get even sicker. When you’re apologizing for being sick that can hit your immune system and cause the sickness to stay even longer. Just rest and get better.

Your physical appearance
Be proud of who you are on the outside. You should never be around people who make you feel bad for your appearance. Change it if you want, but don’t apologize or feel bad. It doesn’t matter if you’re overweight, skinny, or the color of your skin. Just be proud and be around people who make you feel better about yourself and not put you down.

Needing help
At some point in life, we will all need help. Do not ever feel bad asking for help. When you get the help that you need be sure that you pay it forward when someone asks you for help. It took a lot for you to ask for help just as much as it takes for them to ask you for help.

Saying no to someone
There are times in life when you just must say no. Maybe you’re overwhelmed at work and someone asked you out and you can’t go. Say no and don’t feel bad for it. You might have been asked to help someone with something and you can’t do it. No matter what you must say no to don’t do it nor apologize. Saying no is the best way to reserve your energy sometimes and take care of yourself.

Changing your own mind
We are allowed to change our minds. Never feel bad for changing your mind. Things happen that might have caused us to change our mind that might even be out of our control. Whatever the reason why as to what caused you to change your mind don’t worry about it. Just be happy with whatever choice you end up making.

Have fun in life and try to not worry so much about making people happy. Make you happy and don’t apologize for whatever you end up doing in your life. Sometimes saying sorry is important but not something that you have to do each time and when you decide that it’s really time to apologize, make sure that it’s sincere.

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