8 Weird Things Vegans Do

Being a vegan can be a very different lifestyle then what most people think.  People become vegans for many reasons. Before they become a vegan they might not even realize what all it takes to stay one. Some people become vegans because of their love for animals, the environment, for their health or perhaps they just enjoy eating clean in general. If you are considering becoming a vegan it’s important to take into consideration both the pros and cons of being vegan. A lot of people change their diets in the summer and during that time consider becoming a vegan. This should be helpful to you if you’re thinking about it.

Check out these 8 Weird Things Vegans Do

  1. Buy a lot of sprout food

Most vegans enjoy having sprout food. This does not mean all vegans eat sprout food. You will find many sprout vegan recipes online that goes along with this. You can also use sprouts in sandwiches and other food items. They are easy to also cook in recipes. If you’re not into sprouts then don’t worry. This is not something you have to eat but just that many vegans enjoy having.

  1. You might put weird food in smoothies such as broccoli

You might find yourself bulking up on weird food items in smoothies to help with ensuring you get everything that you need in regards to vitamins and supplements. Broccoli is a very common vegetable that vegans tend to put in smoothies. Broccoli is very good for your overall system and has many benefits to it. You could even find yourself craving broccoli and other odd vegetables once you go vegan. Your smoothies might have other food items in it such as pumpkin seeds or flax seeds in them.

  1. Start using pink salt

Pink salt is much healthier for you then the white salt. Processed white salt can make you gain weight and be very bad for your health. Pink salt helps with lowering the blood pressure, prevent muscle cramps, increases your hydration and can even aid with your metabolism functioning properly. Will you find all of these things in regular salt? No. You will find your regular doctor even telling you to reduce your salt intake. However, it’s different with pink salt.

  1. You might find yourself spending more money to eat healthier

One thing that you must know is that being vegan is not always cheap. People make the mistake with thinking that eating vegetables and not meat would not be expensive but it is and it’s one of the weird things you have to get use to when you become vegan. Look at it this way. Buying meat at 8 dollars per pound is expensive and the same goes with buying beans. It’s even more expensive if you’re going completely organic which most vegans do. However, you’re eating healthier and your body will be thanking you for it. Plan your meals and what you eat carefully. Write down your budget before you go shopping.

  1. Eat odd pasta dishes

You won’t be having regular pasta dishes such as chicken alfredo. Instead, you’ll be having other pasta dishes. You’ll be having more brown rice, spelt and quinoa. The good news is while you might not be having regular pasta dishes, you’ll find lots of vegan pasta dishes online. Think back in the old days before the internet. They were very limited on what kind of vegan pasta dishes that they could have but thanks to the net, you can get very creative with your pasta dishes.

  1. Stop using the microwave

If you’re going vegan you might as well plan on throwing that microwave out. In time you’ll find that the microwave does not appeal to you and there’s no real reason as to why you should use it anymore. A lot of vegan recipes online won’t even require for you to use the microwave. It could be more work steaming your vegetables but in the end, it’s worth the work if you don’t have to use the microwave.


  1. Saying no to gelatin foods such as marshmallows

I am sure that this something that you did not think about but there are a few things that you cannot eat I am sure that you did not even think about at first. Some of those things include gummy bears, marshmallows and even jell-o. The reason why is because most of these treats tend to be made with gelatin. This is a collagen which is from animal byproducts. If it has gelatin in it then you need to avoid it. You can use agar-agar if you’re making something from scratch instead of using gelatin.

  1. Wearing faux leather

You’ll find yourself returning those leather shoes or items that contain real leather in them. Look for items that might be faux. This means that they are vegan friendly. A vegan lifestyle is not always about what you eat but also with what you might wear. This is one thing that some vegans don’t even think about when they are going into this kind of lifestyle or they might think about it much later. These days there are lots of faux friendly items. If you can’t find them locally then you might have your chance of buying some faux items online. You might even receive a better discount buying them online so be sure to shop around locally and online.



Before going vegan be sure that you think about it a lot and talk to your doctor. It is a life style change and your body really will be grateful for it but it’s not for everyone.

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