7 Weird Health Myths That Must Be Debunked

There are many health myths out there right now. The sad part is, not everyone will even know it’s a myth until it’s too late. Personally, I think there’s a health myth with everything from chocolate to swimming. Some of those health myths are just plain weird but yet, growing up or even as an adult you might actually believe in them to be true when they are not. It can be very shocking to know that what you’ve believed in your whole life or at least part of it, was nothing more than a myth.

Check out these 7 Weird Health Myths That Must Be Debunked

7. Don’t eat those eggs because they might not be good for your heart
I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this one. Some people think that eggs happen to be bad for the heart because of the cholesterol in them. However, eggs are not bad for the heart. The amount of cholesterol in eggs is small and should not have a big impact on your system. Don’t get me wrong. You should have eggs in moderation but don’t just skip them thinking that they are bad for your heart. Eating eggs in moderation is the key just like with everything else. Eggs have lots of nutrition in them that will help your system out in many ways. If you’ve been wanting an egg for breakfast but denying yourself the privilege because of this myth, then go for it.

6. Gum might last 7 years in your stomach
I can remember being scared to death of swallowing gum after hearing that gum might last 7 years in my stomach. I think that most of us have been told this one. If you’re wondering if the gum you had a few years ago is still in your stomach then you’re wrong. Gum doesn’t stay in your stomach that long. In fact, studies show that the gum is passed and out of our system in just a few days. The reason being is that when you chew gum it is carried into your intestinal track by your fluids which allows it to pass from us in a short time. Please don’t spread this myth to your kids or other people just for the fun of it. This does not mean you should swallow gum but continuing to spread the myth might even cause them to have fear with just having it.

5. People who crack their knuckles will get arthritis
Studies show that this is not the case. While some people still will get arthritis it would not be caused from cracking their knuckles. Cracking knuckles is not healthy for you to do but if you’re worried that it can cause arthritis then don’t be. If you get arthritis then most likely, you would have gotten it anyway regardless of you cracking your knuckles or not cracking them. There are many people who get arthritis and they do not crack their knuckles.

4. Low fat diets guarantees weight loss
Don’t become too excited when you see that cookie marked as low fat. This does not mean that the cookie healthy for you. Just because its low fat does not mean the calories are also low in it. Often times a low fat food item has a crazy amount of calories in it from the sugar. If you’re going to go on a low fat diet be sure that you read how many calories the food has and balance out your calories. Talk with your doctor if you’re not sure as to how the low fat diet might work.

3. Calories at night are more fattening for you
I’ve heard this a few times and that is that eating at night is not good for you because the calories might be more fattening for you. However, this is wrong. Calories tend to be calories regardless of what time you eat them. What matters the most is how much you take in. It is true that at night, more people tend to snack and eat more so therefore, they consume more calories. If you want to eat at night then eat within moderation to avoid your calories increasing at night. Eating at night past a certain time might not be the best solution for you if you have health issues such as acid reflex disease so that is another thing to still keep in mind even if the calories still remain the same at night.

2. Reading with a dim light on can cause blindness
If this myth were true, think about how many actresses and authors and famous people who might be blind right now. Many people read with a dim light on. The problem is that some people could suffer with headaches or have other problems to happen from it but it won’t cause blindness. Reading with a dim light on can be rather fun and even more so if you’re having a sleepover.

1. Sugar causes children to become hyper
Shockingly enough, studies have not been actually able to confirm how much effect sugar could have on the behavior with children. There was one study that parents could give their children drinks with sugar in it. They reported that their children became hyper with the drinks. However, what they did not know is that the drinks did not have sugar in them. This has been done on several occasion and each time, they claim to be hyper when there is no sugar whatsoever in the drinks. Which makes researchers wonder as to what exactly might be causing the children to become hyper. However, giving your children lots of sugar is still very unhealthy for them and not good for their teeth.

Hopefully your eyes will be more opened to the truth after you see how some of these health myths are debunked. If you have any questions about something that you hear about, go with your guts on it. Often times your gut instant is usually correct. Another thing to remember is if it sounds too good to be true, often times it usually is..but also remember, you’re not alone with believing in these myths! Millions of people have believed in them.

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