9 Survival Methods That Could Hurt You

There has been a lot of new survival methods that have surfaced lately thanks to TV shows such as Man vs Wild or Survivor Man. Movies such as the Hunger Games has also caused people to get more interested in learning survival methods. Most of us won’t ever find ourselves in some of these bizarre situations but you never know what could happen in life to get you in that place to where some of these methods might just be what saves you. A few of the methods could really help you but then there are others that if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing could hurt you. It’s important to know what you’re doing in these kinds of situations if you’re trying out a new method. Always be careful with these methods until you know for a fact they won’t hurt you.

Here are 9 Survival Methods That Could Hurt You and some of the things on the list might actually surprise you.

  1. Two sticks might start a fire
    It is a fact that you can start a fire with using two sticks. The bad news is that you might find yourself rubbing those sticks together for a long time before the fire even happens. This could be harmful to you and more so if you’re needing warmth right away. If you’re planning on going hiking, don’t count on this method to help you. Find some matches and take those with you instead of depending on this method unless if you’re an expert at it.


  1. Don’t try to outrun bears
    A few people think that you can outrun a bear if they see one in the woods. Before you decide to go off in the woods you need to research how to fight a bear or survive their attacks. You should also do this with wolves and other wild animals that might be in the woods. The worst thing that you could actually do would be to run from the bear.


  1. Don’t search for water right away
    You don’t need to search for water right away. It’s important to actually sit down and enjoy the shade while you can so this way you don’t sweat a lot during the hottest parts of the day. It’s better to actually look for water at night. People have died trying to find water during the day instead of trying to look at night. When you conserve your sweat and what you have, you can survive much longer in the woods.


  1. Drinking your urine is not the way to go
    Some people get so thirsty that they think drinking their urine will help with quenching their thirst. Drinking it once might be fine but it will actually cause your body to overheat more. One thing that you could do is if there is no water around you and if you have a bandana then wet the bandana with your urine to help with cooling you off.

  1. Never pull out an object that impales you
    A very dangerous survival method that was released on TV was that they were pulling out objects which impaled them. However, they quickly learned that impaling the object out makes the wound bleed very fast. What you should try to do is first just dress the wounded area. If you can then you should try and seek out help for your wound. You might even pass out if you try pulling the object out yourself, so avoid that if at all possible.


  1. Only eat plants if you know for sure they are safe
    You might look at a plant and think it’s safe to eat. Sure, there are plenty of plants in which you can eat safely but unless if you’re an expert don’t risk it. The reason why is because just one plant could be poisonous. It might not even appear poisonous but it could kill you if you don’t know it. The same goes with berries and fruits. Study on what plants and food is safe for you to eat.
  1. Alcohol does not keep your body warm
    One of the most dangerous myths is that people think drinking alcohol helps with keeping their body warm. However, it does just the opposite. It will help you with feeling as if you’re warmer but at the same time, it actually decreases the body temperature internally.  Think again if you want to use this excuse for a drink.
  1. Helicopters can’t always rescue you
    Helicopters have been known to rescue many people but don’t always assume that it can rescue you. Trying to escape to high ground such as the mountains might even make it harder for the helicopter to come down and rescue you. When waiting for rescue try staying in a place where the helicopter can rescue you.
  1. Boiling Water Doesn’t Make It Completely Clean
    I think that one of the biggest myths is that boiling water makes it 100% clean. The good news is boiling water does help with killing off any bacteria or germs. However, it does not clean any muck or dirt that could be in it. You’ll need to make some kind of filter in order to help with purifying the water. Drinking dirty water can harm you. A filter can be made by just making a makeshift filter with running the water through a fabric from possibly your shirt then boiling the water afterwards. If you still see it’s dirty do not drink it.


Watching survival tips can be useful but it’s still better to study and try to go with an expert if you’re planning on taking a fun and exciting trip in the woods.

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