8 Weird Habits Kids Have

Children say and do the funniest things. During the summer you might start to notice some of their weird habits more often because you’re around them more. They can talk in weird voices, have long conversations with themselves or with an imagery friend and some might even eat crayons or do other strange things. Do you think that your kid has a weird habit? Maybe so but after reading these 8 weird habits kids have, you might see that your child’s habit is not so weird after all.

Check out these 8 Weird Habits Kids Have

  1. Kids love licking the grocery carts

Kids will lick the grocery carts. If you’ve ever panicked or wondered why your child is doing this, it’s alright. This is not something new. Before going out just make sure you have something that you can clean the grocery cart with if you know for sure they will do it. Don’t make them feel bad or embarrass them over licking the grocery cart in public. This won’t stop them and in fact, might even make them do it more. This means that the grocery cart you have might have been licked on by a kid.

  1. Slap themselves whenever they are happy or feeling awesome

Just because they slap themselves doesn’t mean they are angry. In fact, some children do it when they are happy and feeling awesome. Sometimes it could mean that they could have something such as autism but other times, it might be the only way they know how to express themselves when they are truly happy. Talk with them about how they can express themselves when they are this happy but again, don’t make them feel bad for doing it. Maybe talk with your child’s doctor if they continue to do it.

  1. Some kids only eat fruit based on their favorite color

There are a few children who are extremely picky eaters. This does not even mean they don’t like the food. What it means is they could just not be happy with the way it looks. A few children might only pick out an apple according to its color. Maybe their favorite color is green. They might lean towards only having green apples or green fruit, such as green grapes. Don’t feel too bad if they are like this. At least they are still eating fruit and vegetables.

  1. Routine is vital for some children

They might want to draw or do the same thing each day. This might sound weird but it could help comfort them. In time they might stop or come out of their habit or routine and do something new but just because they are doing the same thing daily does not mean that something is wrong with them. If they want to draw daily or read daily, encourage them just put a time limit on how much they do and still mix in other fun stuff for them to do.

  1. Children can have naps in odd places

Just because your child is not having a nap in bed or in the area created for them to sleep, doesn’t mean that something is wrong with them. They might just suddenly get tired and fall asleep on the floor or even in a corner. Let them go to sleep there. Maybe just cover them with a blanket so they won’t get cold. Some children just play so heavy that they just get exhausted and crash out. Good news is, they might sleep better at night from it. If they are suffering from insomnia then they should see the doctor but if not, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

  1. They might suck their arms or thumbs

Sucking their arms or thumbs or fingers, is very normal for a child to do. A few parents see this as odd but it really isn’t. A child just does this out of habit because maybe it relieves tension or helps them to feel at peace. Others just really do it out of habit for no reason. In time they may stop sucking their arms or thumbs but they might not. A few struggle with this habit all of their life.

  1. Ew, who put that booger on the wall?

A few children just love being able to put their boogers on the wall and it becomes a nasty habit. Some kids just find boogers interesting and don’t understand as to how gross and unclean this habit might be. Hopefully in time you can get your child to stop putting boogers on the wall or under the desk at school and other strange areas children tend to put their boogers at instead of in the Kleenex. I guess what’s really hard is when you know you are the one who ends up having to clean the wall they put it on.

Little boy picking his nose --- Image by © Robert Recker/Corbis

Little boy picking his nose — Image by © Robert Recker/Corbis

  1. Eating crayons

Perhaps one of the weirdest habits children tend to do is eat their crayons. It could be worse. They might enjoy eating bugs or other things instead. Make sure to always have crayons that might be alright for them to nibble on. One thing that is interesting is that some children might be low on iron or other vitamins and that is why they eat crayons. Other children just tend to eat crayons because they enjoy the texture and made it into a bad habit.
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If your child continues to do a bad habit and you’re really considered about it, then always talk with your doctor. Something very well could be wrong or it could be that you’re just being over cautious but it’s still almost always better to know and be on the safe side then find out too late. You might also even ask as to how you can help your child stop the bad habit.

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