6 of the Creepiest Facial Treatments

We are living in those times when everyone is in the pursuit of notching their looks and appearance. It also seems like most of the people are now suffering from the phobia about ones looks. Standing in the mirror and looking at oneself for hours and hours is not something that can be termed to be normal. Now here, even a number of behavioral experts are also of the view that the human behavior these days is indeed quite centered towards ones looks. On a daily basis, a number of women as well as men undergo various procedures just for the purpose of adding a lot to their facial looks. The use of cosmetics and a number of other treatments is all a part of the face-game. In the United States, you are going to find thousands and thousands of women who have undergone some of the most creepy and weird facial treatments. In lines to this trend, here is the list of the 6 of the creepiest facial treatments.

6. Bird Poop Facial

The main ingredient which is used in terms of giving this weird and creepy facial is bird poop. The geisha facial which is now being offered in London and at a number of other places also make use of the bird poop, all because it helps to give a healthy shine to the skin. There are also some spa trips which include this facial for free.

5. Buccal Facial

As suggested by the name, this form of massage is given towards the inside of the mouth by making use of some intense mechanisms. An expert of the process places his hands inside the mouth and then massages the area which need attention. The idea here is to notch up the levels of the blood circulation as well as the distribution of the oxygen to different regions of the mouth and the face. Most of you would be thinking here that this technique is pointless, but trust me that it would be really helpful in terms of giving you a tighter complexion.

4. Slapping Facial

A facial therapist in the Thailand is of the view that she can turn your aging clock in the backward direction, all by making use of a slapping therapy. Yes, you guessed it right-This procedure involves slapping

the face for the purpose of erasing the wrinkles and a number of other signs of aging. The charges the therapist takes for the 15 minutes are around $ 350.

3. The Vampire Facial Method

For many years, this technique has been famous among a large number of people. It involves taking the blood out of the body and then injecting it in the facial muscles for the purpose of achieving a glowing appearance. It is also being said that this procedure is less dangerous in comparison to the use of the chemicals on the facial muscles, but at the same time, there are those therapists who are in extreme opposition to this procedure. Kim Kardashian is among those TV stars who are believed to have undergone this procedure.

2. Bee Venom Facial

The top buzz in the domain of cosmetics and in the beauty world, this facial is done by making use of a cream derived from the bee venom. The company which is known for the making of this cream is Rodial. This cream has been proved to turn down the effectuations which the menopause can have on the facial muscles.

1. The Gold Facial

What could be more wonderful for your face, then the use of gold? You can go for this procedure if you happen to have a lot of extra cash in your account and if the tax hikes are not much of a problem for you. The gold facial is performed by making use of a 24 carat or a bit less amount of gold. The idea here is that the use of gold can help in limiting the signs of aging.


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