5 Real Life Locations That Exists in Video Games

Playing video games can be scary sometimes. When you see something that you have sworn you have seen before, you may be right. There are many things that exist in video games, but you are not thinking of this when you are playing. However, knowing that such places exist is even scarier if you think about it. Well, sit down a moment as we reveal that there are such places based on your video games that you love so dear. In such games below, the inspiration to the games came from these exact places and the artwork was sketched for real life locations that exist in video games.


1. Silent Hill (Silent Hill)


One would think that the spooky city that is Silent Hill was simply a myth. The city is found in Centralia, Pennsylvania where at one point, 1,000 people lived there. However, when a strip mine underneath the city caught fire, they were all forced to abandon their homes. This caused cracks and gaping holes as you see in the video games and movies. This is the place where filmmakers went to get the inspiration for their movie and you can see in the game and the real pictures that the resemblance is uncanny.


2. The Lincoln Memorial (Fallout 3)


Those who have been to Washington D.C. have been to the Lincoln Memorial. This magnificent building is found in partial ruins in Fallout 3 as well as other monuments from the state capital. The building stands as a symbol of what the country stands for. It was controversial to see the buildings in ruins as much so as seeing a flag in tatters. This is why the game is one of the most interesting.


3. Arkham Asylum (Batman: Arkham Asylum)


In the game, you get scared tying to see what is around the corner as you make your way through Arkham Asylum. The real Arkham Asylum can be found at Danvers State Hospital in Massachusetts. Of course, they managed to spook it up a little bit more in the video games, but it is creepy to know that such a place exists. With its arched doorways and shadowy halls, the real mental hospital has its moments to being scary.


4. The Pantheon (Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood)


Maybe one of the most known buildings in all of Italy, the Pantheon is in the latest installment of the Assanssin’s Creed series where the artist depicts it to the exact measure. You may no longer see the many booths as you see in the video games, but it is just as crowded as you get to tourist season and there are people lined out the door.


5. Isengard (Lord of the Rings Online)


Known as the fortresses of Gondor, Isengard is a real place found at the University of Birmingham in England. In the game, this is the place where Saruman hides however, the tower is a near to exact copy to that found in the University. The inspiration is spot on. Interesting to know that an evil place exists in the world right under our noses!


Is it scary enough for you? There are many more locations that are a reality in your video games. Artists have to get inspiration from somewhere, right? Video games are always going to try to match those of historical monuments or cities because of the fact that it is good to recognize something from a virtual world. Such places as the Brooklyn Bridge, Vice City and even Kathmandu in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves are showcased in video games. Next time you’re playing video games, maybe there is something more about the place then you think.


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