5 Really Weird Houses That People Live In

Living in weird houses is an experience which is totally different from the one you would be able to have in any other home. There might be a number of different reasons and causes for which people want to live in these homes. Your residence can be termed to be one of those places which offer a complete abstraction about your personality. Living on rent is a curse no matter how luxurious the place might be. Always try to have your own home, as having your own place in these uncertain times is nothing less than a Gift of God. On asking the millions in USA who live in rented homes, it is clear that you are never able to feel the freedom. So in lines to this, it can be said that no matter how weird and strange you home might appear, there is no other place that can be better than your own property. Here are the 5 strangest houses in which people live in.

5. The Bubble Home

Located in the realms of France, the bubble house has been classified to be a historical place. The location together with the stylized customization of this home is what that makes it bizarre as well as strange. Moreover, it also happens to be located very close to the Mediterranean Sea. The panorama view which the house is giving to offer to you is also amazing.

4. The Mushroom House

Located in the middle of the woods in New York State, it had been built in the 1970’s. From that time, the place has gone through a number of modifications and renovations. Surely, this home is categorized to be a landmark of the region which is the reason for which a number of travelers and tourists prefer to make a visit to this extra ordinary sight. That’s not all, as the entire structure is pretty strong.

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3. Transparent House

This house located in Japan has been inspired in lines to the ancient homes that were built in the past. Surely, the house can be termed to be quite luxurious, but you would be required to put end to your privacy. Living in this house you will never have to experience a shortage of daylight.

2. Slimmest House

Located in Poland, the world’s slimmest house is another weird and amazing home. On seeing it, it would seem like that the entire structure has been inserted into two buildings.

1. The Flintstone House

This house has been inspired from the homes and living styles of the Flintstones. It is located in the regions of Malibu and is quite an inspiration to watch and admire. The price of this home has been listed to around $ 3.5 million.


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