There are many inventions which contributes a great share in our works, never realize there importance and keep utilizing them. We bring you some of the inventions which became an integral part of our lives and didn’t even claimed the title of an invention.

1. Rubber Bands


Rubber bands were invented by Stephen Perry in 1845 under the banner of Messers Perry & Co, England. He invented rubber band through vulcanized rubber. Ever since that day it has become an integral part of our offices. Whenever we want to bind something the first solution we think of is rubber band.

2. Paper Clip


Other important things without which our office stationary cannot be completed are paper clips. This amazing invention is a brain child of John Vaaler a Norwegian patent clerk in 1890. He created one through having a paper clip of “two tongues” and thin spring-steel wire with two square ends. Vaaler originated his invention first in Germany and then later in USA in 1901. Although the current shape of paper clip was designed by William Middlebrook of Waterbury, USA in 1899.

3. Straws

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