The ranks of the most richest and influential cities in the world are based on the comprehensive analysis of economic vitality, political influence, research ability and living standard. Though there are several other important cities which are rich in terms of their natural resources and stabled economy but the following are considered to be the richest cities of the world in terms of living cost.

10. Singapore – Singapore

The republic of Singapore is an Island country. It has diverse population 5 million made up various ethnic communities. It is town country which only has a total area of 700 square kilometers. It is ranked the tenth most expensive city in world. The town is small but has a different lifestyle. This is the only country which has no villages as Singapore itself is a city and country as well.

  • The average one-bedroom rental ranging SIN $ 600 per month or more in the housing area.
  • The electricity, water and internet cost SIN $ 300 per month or more for single family
  • Including the very high car prices, the average vehicle tax from SIN $ 1,000 or more annually and the average cost of parking ranges from SIN $ 150 per month.
  • For meals, Singapore may be said quite friendly range average SIN $ 5 or more to eat and drink.

9. Beijing – China

Beijing is the capital and second largest city in China. One of the densely populated cities in Asia gives convenience of investing to attract many foreign investors to come and invest in China.

  • Average rent of an apartment in the downtown ranges from RMB7000 (including electricity and water / utility costs)
  • Dining in Beijing is over RMB20 range for one meal
  • Daily international newspaper-ranging RMB25, a glass of coffee in a medium restaurant costs RMB 35, and a packet of food including burgers, potatoes and soft drink are more approximately RMB18

8. New York – USA

New York is considered to be the most influential and richest industrial hub in the United States of America. It is the most populous city and is headquarter of all major banks and financial institutions of the world. GDP in 2008 was $1406 Billion, more than entire GDP of India.

New York is the most expensive city compared to all other cities in the US. It is the destination of people from various parts of the world. The population of New York is around 10 million.

  • Average rent for apartment with two good bedrooms starts around US $ 4000 per month.
  • Utilities fees range from US $ 250 per family, standard family meals (4 persons) ranged up monthly cost $ 1000.
  • International paper per issue of US $ 1.8, glass coffee from US $ 3, and packets of food (burger + potato + sodas) for US $ 5.

7. Copenhagen – Denmark

Copenhagen is a distinctive and Capital city of Denmark. It is a place of typical Danish products sales. Its quality of life in this city is one of the best in the world. It has a total population of 667,228 in the beginning of 2009. Copenhagen has a service oriented economy. An important sector is life science and research which plays a major role in the economy of the city

  • Home rental average-cost in the suburbs of Copenhagen range from US $ 2.500 per month.
  • Meals are extremely expensive, particularly when eating in a restaurant. Tthe standard per person with two meals plus drinks range more than US $ 80. If you do not eat out for meal, it will cost around U.S. $ 200 upwards for two adults per week.
  • Monthly costs for electricity, telephone and internet range from a minimum of US $ 200 or more per month.
  • Cost transport such as taxis quite expensive, short trips use a taxi will cost about US $ 50.

6. Zurich – Switzerland

Zurich is one of the main cities in Switzerland. This city has alpine mountains is a beautiful city for tourist. Lower taxes lead to many investors who invest in stocks.

  • The cost of apartment rental outside the city without an elevator is starting from US $ 1500 per month.
  • Utilities fees range from US $ 200 per family, standard family meals (4 persons) ranged from USD800 per month or more
  • Monthly train pass is US $ 90, oil is very expensive. It costs about US $ 1.6 per liter.
  • Dining out in the restaurant for two people range from standard to US $ 300, three menus plus wine.

5. Geneva – Switzerland

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