10 Amazing Facts about Abraham Lincoln

Below is the list of 10 interesting facts about Abraham Lincoln.

10. Innovative Use of His Hat

Lincoln not only used his hat as a fashion symbol for those times, but also used it as a safe house for keeping his money, letters and many other important notes. This hat was more commonly known as the stovepipe hat due to a number of reasons. The major reason behind this hat’s name was that it was very long and resembled the structure of a pipe. These hats are not currently manufactured, but you can have one by ordering it from a specialist hat maker.

9. Lincoln Was Extremely Tall

In terms of physical features, Lincoln was extremely tall. The long hat which he normally wore further added a few more inches to his long height. According to a number of sources, his height was around 6 feet 4 inches. This feature indeed makes him the tallest president in the history of the United States of America. Now having an idea of this, yet another question strikes consciousness that who was the shortest of them all? The answer is James Madison who had a height of about 5 feet and 4 inches.

8. The Unlucky Son

Lincoln’s son, Robert Lincoln was in some ways prone to be always around something tragic. He had witnessed a number of assassinations during the course of his life like the Garfield’s murder and many others. Now, yet another amazing fact about Robert was that once he was saved from a very severe train accident by none other than Edwin Booth. Edwin Booth was the real brother of his father’s murderer, John Wikes Booth.

7. Lincoln’s Blood Line Has Ended

There is no doubt in saying that Lincoln had four sons from Mary Todd. But in reality, at this time there is no heir of Lincoln who is alive. This is because of the very tragic fact that three of his four sons had died at a very young age. Edward died at the age of 4, Willie at 12 and Tad at the very young age of 18. Robert was the only one who had survived, but unfortunately his last heir also died in the year 1980 thus ending Lincoln’s blood line.

6. Lincoln Loved Machines and Gadgets

Surprisingly, Lincoln had a deep and innate love for the latest machines and devices of his times. He was deeply interested in their interior structure and always tried to understand the mechanisms of their operation. He himself also tried to make a few devices and also succeeded in making 1 of such device in the year 1849. He also managed to get a patent for the device but contrary to his expectations the machine never managed to be complete.

5. Kennedy and Lincoln

Surprisingly and mysteriously there are indeed some connections between th

e two presidents. These connections are more like bizarre co-incidences which took place in their lives.

  • Both of were killed with a shot in the head with a single bullet on Friday.
  • Lincoln managed to be selected in the congress in the year 1846 and Kennedy in the year 1946.
  • Lincoln’s successor was born in the year 1808 and the successor to Kennedy was born in the year 1908.

4. Lincoln’s Psychic Powers

There are many who believed that Lincoln indeed had some form of psychic powers. These powers became evident during the last years of his life. It is also believed that Lincoln also knew the date of his death and the manner of his death. It is said that once Lincoln claimed that he had seen his double or a bi sided image in the mirror, one of which was a bit blurry than the other. There are also some rumors that a week before his death, Lincoln had reported of seeing a dream in which he had heard loud noises of crying coming from a white house room. He then started looking for the room and when he finally did find the room, he saw a coffin placed in the center. When he inquired from the crying people that who had died, they replied that it was the president. On looking inside the coffin, Lincoln saw himself.

3. Occult Believer

It has been reported that Lincoln was a strong believer in the occult. But, if he really didn’t really believed in it, he didn’t even reject it. It is said that he and his wife used to held regular séances in the white house, as a means of contacting their children who had died at a very young age. Whether they succeeded in making a complete contact with the dead is uncertain.

2. He believed in Spirituality

Lincoln was a believer in spirituality, but not religion in itself. Although he claimed that he was a true Christian, but he had not specified his particular sect. there are a number of sects who still claim that Lincoln belonged to them, but in reality nothing is completely known as he never did attend the church or say prayers. Once he also claimed that I dearly want me and my nation to be on the side of the Great Lord himself.

1. Specialist in Words

Everyone knows that Lincoln was extremely intelligent, but at the same time he was also great with words. This fact is evident in the speeches which he wrote and delivered being a dynamic and a very powerful speaker. There are many records of all his great speeches, except one and that was the speech that was delivered by him at the Illinois Republic Convention in the year 1856. Many say it was indeed his best speech ever.


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