Top 5 Truly Amazing Facts about the World

The world is really an amazing place to be, as there is no other planet that shares its glory and beauty. No matter what the scientists might say about the origins of the world and the universe, there are some truly amazing facts about our world that none of the other planets might share in common. All other planets of the solar system may or may not have some alien population, but what the earth has is really wonderful and exciting. Now here I cannot resist myself in mentioning those unlucky individuals who commit suicide only to get an escape from the mother earth. But what they do not know is that they would come to miss it and that there is no sort of return. In other words, life is only given for one time with all the goodies and wonders. We are the ones who have the power to shape the course of this moral journey across the enchantments and strings of beauty this land mass encapsulates. The idea here is to appreciate our life and try to get a hold of it in order to have the best time here. The world, since its origins, has been the center of a various dramas and plays, sometimes seen in the collisions with the other planets, sometimes in the theory of The Big Bang and sometimes in the views of the philosophers. Moreover, the earth is the only place that is marked for its coldest, highest and most astonishing destinations and sites not to be found anywhere else. Having said this, I want you to get ready now for reading out the top 5 truly amazing facts about the world.

5. The Earth is really fat

Our mother earth is indeed bulky and healthy. According to a number of consistent measurements and readings, the waistline of the earth is about 24,901 miles. In simple words, the waistline is the circumference of this planet, which indeed elucidates how vast this sphere is.

4. Our Mother Earth is really old

The estimates which have made about the age of the earth are based on the readings taken from the structure of the rocks and the various meteorites that have been discovered on earth from time to time. In other words, it is an indicator that the earth might have been formed at the time the meteorites had struck on it. Moreover, it is also believed that the solar system was also formed at the

same time. So, in terms of the findings of a number of scientists and researchers, our mother is about 4.54 billion years old. Now here, there are also a number of enthusiasts who hold quite different opinions about its age.

3. The Moon and Earth Quakes

You might have heard and may be experienced some earthquakes, but have you ever

been in the center of a moonquake. Well, obviously you cannot feel a moonquake, as you live on the earth, not on the moon. The idea here is to share an important fact about the moon i.e. quakes do occur at the moon, though they are quite less in intensity and duration in comparison to the ones that take place on the earth. In lines to the views of the USGS scientists, these quakes seem to be linked with the tidal variations and its varying distance from the earth. Moreover, these quakes also take place close to its center.

2. Earth’s Hot Spot

The academy award for being the hottest spot on this planet goes to a place known as Al Azizia that is located in Libya. According to the temperature estimates and records that have collected from the various stations, it is clear now that in the year 1922, the temperature did went up to 136 degree F i.e. 57.8 Degree C. Similar estimates have also been released by The NASA Observatory. It is likely that the temperatures might have crossed this mark at times when there were no tools and instruments for detecting the temperature.

1. Weirdlyodd Gravity

The mass of the earth is spread and distributed unevenly, all because it is not a perfect sphere. So, this means that there is an uneven gravity on our planet, due to which there locations in the world where the gravity behaves in an odd and weird manner. One such place is located in the regions of the Hudson Bay-Canada. The area is known to have the lowest gravity than any other region in the world. It is also believed that the ice that used to cover the area in times of the ice age, has now melted due to which this changing patterns in gravity might have been caused. There are also various other explanations that are offered in this regard, just like the ones offered for the Bermuda Triangle. But in all, there are some truly amazing and weird facts about this world, about most of which we might not be even aware of.


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