Top 5 Most Weird Video Games

The video games industry is indeed intriguing, but there are a number of weird video games that might force you to think in the opposite. Presently, video games are deeply linked with the use of technology and a full fledge marketing discourse that enables the game makers to make a how to save money on car repairs fortune for themselves. Now here, some of the gaming enthusiasts are also of the view that the marketing tactics have little to do with the usefulness of the games. In the past a number of strange video games have been launched, but here I would be sharing with you only a few of them. Here are 5 most weird video games that have managed to make their mark.

5. Metal Wolf Chaos

Originally released by Microsoft in Japan, this game has managed to generate a huge cult following all over the world. The world got to know about this game and the weird gameplay depicted in the game through the blogs and videos posted on a number of sites including YouTube. It is also one of those video games that have received an equal number of negative and positive reviews.

4. Communist Mutants from Space

The name of the video game indeed shows a plot made against the concept of communism. The plot of the game is all about a group of aliens attacking a number of planets for the destruction of all

the democratic lands and countries. It is played in a similar manner to all the space video games that were developed in those times. For the players, the goal is to destroy the communist mutants and their leader known by the name of Mother Creature.

3. Penn and Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors

The game was scheduled for its release in the year 1995, but due to a number of reasons the game was never made available for public purchase. But despite of all the allegations and resistance, it has still managed to gain fame all over the internet. The credit for the publicity of the game goes to all the websites that made it famous through their blogs, videos and reviews. The game is all about magic tricks and a number of mini stages which are indeed quite funny and interesting. The plot of the game is what that is really weird, as it circulates around trips from one city to another. Another reason for this is the timing limit in lines to which for some levels a user is required to play the game for nearly 8 hours for getting access to the next level or task.

2. JFK: Reloaded

This game allows the users to play the role of the person who assassinated the President of US, J.F. Kennedy. In order to get points and bonuses you should plan and carry out the attack in a manner that had been reported by the Warren Commission. Moreover, it is also a very tough game to master, as the bullets you are going to fire in the game had the minimal probability of being hit in the accurate spot. Most of the people have argued that it is not a game and in reality is a simulation of an historical event. Mostly, the game has received negative reviews, but there are also a number of websites that have ranked this weird video game more positively.

1. Super Columbine Massacre RPG

Released in the year 2005, this one of a kind role playing video game had been launched anonymously by Danny Ledonne. Initially the game had been downloaded for nearly 10,000 times, but when the media exposed the purpose and the man behind the video game, more and more people were attracted to play this video game. The plot of the game is all about the columbine school shooting that had taken place in the year 1999. When the first part of the game ends, the first two gunmen commit suicide, after which two more gunmen are given to the users. The thing which makes this game the weirdest video game is the character named Rachel who is killed many times in the plot. The maker of the game said that the plot has been designed to offer respect to the victims of the shooting and that he personally knew a girl named Rachel due to which he added her character into the plot. Now, after reading the list of these most weird video games, I am sure that most of you would give these games a try.

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