Top 10 Fantasy RPG's of all Time

Making a list of the best fantasy RPG’s of all time is a tough task. It is one of the largest genres of video games, and this abundance of titles has led to some wildly different and creative games. This is a look at the best fantasy RPG’s ever to eat up huge portions of a person’s life:


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This game is one of the most polished RPG’s ever to hit the market. The smoothness of the gameplay and the richness of the game’s details allow players to immerse themselves for hundreds of hours without getting bored. There is a great Skyrim game review from IGN for more information.


Dragon Age Origins

Realistic dragons created by the amazing animators at Bioware make this one of the most exciting titles in the history of RPG’s. The combat in the game is very intense.


Legend of the Seven Stars

Squaresoft did an excellent job of creating this first Mario RPG game. It has led to many more Mario RPG titles, which is a good thing.


Dark Souls

This is one of the most challenging RPG’s in history, and thus it is also one of the most engaging for veteran gamers. This is a game that teaches patience and the benefits of cooperation.


Diablo II

This earns a spot on the list as it was the first fantasy RPG that introduced the joys of the multiplayer experience that the Internet provides.


Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

This is the most critically-praised installment of the most important RPG video game franchise. This was the first RPG to show players the joys of 3D gameplay.


Kingdom Hearts

This game featured a collaboration between Squaresoft and Disney, which led to one of the most popular RPG games ever.


Final Fantasy VII

This is the most exciting chapter of one of the most important fantasy RPG franchises in video game history. This is the title that gave the original PlayStation the chance to

beat Nintendo.


Chrono Trigger

This is one of the true pioneers of fantasy RPG’s. It introduced features like multiple endings and secondary missions that are cornerstones of the modern RPG experience.


World of Warcraft

It is the most widely

popular fantasy RPG of all time. World of Warcraft’s continued success is one of the most amazing things in the world of gaming. This title continues to stay relevant and grow, immersing players in a world that is in stiff competition with reality.

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