Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals in the World

It can be said that the animals always amaze us no matter what. Surprisingly, there are some animals that can prove to be quite dangerous for us. While visiting the zoos and even in the jungles, it is imperative that you always keep your distance. Just like us, animals also feel fear and react in order to protect themselves. Any animal can be dangerous no matter what the size. Some of these dangerous animals also possess the capacity to tear any human down into pieces.  Let us now take a look at the 10 most dangerous animals in the world.

10. The African Bush Elephant

Also known to be the king of the jungle, The African Bush Elephant has loads and loads of brute strength. It also happens to be the largest and most powerful animal in the world having zero predators. These elephants are not to so similar to the ones you see in the zoos, as the wildlife is in fact, wild. In the wild life setting, they are the least docile, so it is always better to inspire this animal from a distance.

9. African Lion

Slightly larger than the regular lions, the African lion is marked by its horrifying and brutal looks. As you know these lions love to hunt their prey in groups, so it quite easy for them even to take down the most dangerous of their enemies. Not to forget the stealth mode attack of this animal for which it is known all around the world. Numerous attacks have also been reported in the safari jungle in which a number of tourists are killed every year.

8. Sea Wasp Box Jellyfish

Have you ever imagined to be bitten by a venomous sea creature while swimming? Of course not, as even the imagination can create shivering in your body. Sea life is among the oldest life forms on earth. Due to the process of ongoing evolution, some of the marine animals have developed deadly and gruesome attacking strategies. One such animal is known by the name of sea wasp jellyfish. Weighing nearly 2 kg, this jellyfish happens to have one of the most dangerous venoms in the world. It is believed that the venom is so poisonous that it can cause your death in a matter of few minutes. What’s more dangerous about this fish is the fact that while attacking it also wraps its tentacles around its prey.

7. Inland Taipan

Known to be the most lethally venomous snake on the land, the Inland Taipan is 6 feet long, scaled creature. Most of the times they try to escape from the presence of large animals, but sometimes they also attack. It has the power to inject nearly 110 milligrams of venom in a single bite, but normally it injects 44 milligrams. The toxin which is present in its venom is known to be one of the most powerful. As soon as the toxin enters the blood, it begins its action by first destroying the nerve cells and communication pathways.

6. The Mosquito

The mosquito is in the lead of the macroscopic animals, as it has caused millions of deaths through the

course of human history. You can easily kill it in the blink of any eye, but it prefers to kill you slowly. They prime reason for which they are so dangerous are the various forms of diseases they carry like malaria, dengue, West Nile Virus and many others.

5. The Shark

Sharks are indeed one of the most perfect hunters known to the marine world. Having zero predators, this marine hunter is known for its sharp jaws and deadly attacks. Not to forget their brilliant sense of smell with the help of which they are easily able to detect blood or any other fragrance from many a miles. The most dangerous of the all is the white shark. Its whims and furies were also shown in the movie named “Jaws”. In addition, it can bite you with nearly 4000 pounds of lethal force.

4. Cape buffalo

At number 4 we have the most dangerous game animal in the world. Till now, the Cape buffalo has killed hundreds of people all around the world. It is also believed that it can even withstand a shot from a double barreled rifle and continue to attack. The fully grown male can charge towards you with a speed of nearly 40 miles per hour. Just imagine what would become of you after having a blow from the Cape buffalo.

3. Clostridium Botulinum

If a teaspoon of this bacterium was to spread in blood of every human being, then indeed the whole human race would be wiped out in a matter of days. This bacterium is found in almost every continent of the world. Furthermore, they also believed to be found in the ocean floor. It is said that the spores released from its body cannot be destroyed even by boiling the water for more than 10 minutes.

2. Saifu Ants

These tiny little ants have their strength embedded in their numbers. Also known by the name of safari ants and driver ants, they are found primarily in the central and east Africa. You can easily turn down the attack of a single ant, but what if they attack you in the form of an army. Believe it or not this attack would lead to your death. In the past centuries, they have killed thousands of human beings. Most of their targets are infants or any injured person.

1.    The Human Being

Since the times of our creation, the only thing we have been able to do with great efficacy and consistency is the murder of other humans. We also happen to be the only species that has attempted to wipe out the existence of the whole world. Who created the nuclear missile? Who is the cause of global warming? Who was Hitler? The only answer to all these questions is the Human Being.


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