Top 10 Best and Amazing Features of Windows 8

Windows 8 has finally come to the market with some amazing features which were not present in the previous versions. In lines with the strong expectations of the Microsoft window users, the company has introduced a number of cool features in the

new release.

These best windows 8 features make use of several technologies and mechanisms which are quite new to the tech markets. It can be said with some efficacy that the features would prove to be enjoyable and quite accommodating. So for your ease, I have made a list of the 10 best and most features of windows 8 with the hope you are going to find them amusing.

  • 10. Automated Software and a Never Before System Maintenance
  • 9. App Customization like Never Before
  • 8. Additional Themes with Top quality Color Combinations
  • 7. Easy and Accommodating Gestures and Technologies
  • 6. Live Tiles and Numerous Lock Screen Options
  • 5. System Extended Search
  • 4. Settings Synchronizations
  • 3. Multitasking with easy to use Snap View
  • 2. Pin and Share Anything
  • 1. Top of the Line User Interfaces for your Gratification

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