10 truly bizarre birth defects and abnormalities

Many theories are present which support the existence some truly weird and bizarre birth defects. Although the exact reasons of most of the abnormalities are unknown, still these disorders never seem to end. Everyone should have some knowledge about

the causes of such defects, as it might be quite helpful at times. The scientists are doing great efforts to find out cures to these disorders but how much time it is going to take to completely eliminate these defects is still uncertain. I am sure that most of our readers are going to find these 10 truly bizarre birth defects and abnormalities, informational and useful.

10. Aarskoge Syndrome

In this specific kind of syndrome, the child appears to be normal at the time of the birth, but not for long. As soon as the child reaches to the age of 2 to 3 years, symptoms of the defect start to appear. Slanted and wide set eyes with drooping eye lids are the clear cut signs of this defect.

9. Siamese Twins

The country where the defect was first observed is the one after which the defect has been named. It is also known by the name of conjoined twins. There have been a number of famous cases reported in history and you might have seen some of these cases on the national geographic or any other channel. Most of

the cases of such twins have been reported in India and in many other countries of the world.

8. Fused Limbs

As the name suggests, this birth defect is marked by the fusion of two or more limbs with one another. Most of the cases that are reported deal with the fusion of toes and fingers. It is also referred to as Sirenomelia. Most of the times, the legs in such infants appear to be that of a mermaid. Scientific evidence supports that such children also have a number of other physiological defects in addition to the disorder.

7. Ambras Syndrome

Known more commonly by the scientific name of hypertrichosis, is marked by some abnormal or more than usual amount of hair growth on various regions of the body. Some of the most extensive and weird cases have also been referred to as the werewolf syndrome. The symptoms of the disease start to appear at the first intervals of the age. The cases of Julia Pastrana and Supatra Sasuphan are the ones which got the maximum exposure.

6. Cyclopia

It has been named after a famous creature which is known by the name of Cyclops. You might have read about this disorder in the lists of the congenital disorders. Most of the times, the symptoms include a disappearance or an abnormal appearance of the face, limbs and many other body parts. The cause of this disease is believed to have some genetic basis. The people who make use of some cancer treatment drugs are likely to have children with these disorders, but the chances are very low.

5. Craniopagus Parasiticus

The chances of the occurrence of this disorder are 4 to 6 in every 10 million births that take place. The prime symptom of this disorder is the presence of an extra head which appears to be more like a parasite. According to an estimate, till now there have been only 10 known cases in history. Not to forget, that in such case the extra head also used to smile and cry which is indeed quite weird for those who are not used to see people with 2 heads.

4. Fetus in Fetu

Fetus in Fetu is classified in the domain of developmental disorders. It is marked by the appearance of a mass or tissue inside the body which appears more like a fetus. More commonly it can be defined as the condition in the child during pregnancy has the twin waxed inside the body. It seems as though the child is pregnant from the start, but most of the scientists have rejected this conception, as it is purely a genetic abnormality.

3. Stone Man Syndrome

One of the rarest syndromes in these times, The Stone Man condition is marked by the appearance of some large amounts of bones in the areas of injury. In other words, the children suffering from this disorder seem to develop a bone in the area where they get an injury. Furthermore, surgery is not useful in the elimination of the bones, as it results in the emergence of yet another bone in the area.

2. Progeria Syndrome

Progeria is yet another syndrome which is quite rare these days. The children suffering from it start to show signs of aging at a very young age and appear to resemble more like an aged or old man. Symptoms include loss of hair, appearance of wrinkles and other similar features which are seen in the old age individuals. It is one of top bizarre birth defects.

1. The Anencephaly Syndrome

This syndrome is marked by the absence of the spinal cord or some specific regions of the brain. There is no cure present for the treatment of the disease, but it can be said that soon a cure would be devised. According to the Institute of Neurological Disorders, the children suffering from it might not feel any sort of pain, might be deaf or entirely unconscious. Most of the times, the children are born with no forebrain. Furthermore, most of the babies with this disorder are unable to survive and those who do survive do not live more than 1 to 5 years. The women who take some high levels of medication for the treatment of epilepsy are more prone to have such children.

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