Things People do that Make No Sense

Do you know the old saying about rules were made to be broken? If you think this way then you might end up having a hard time in life. There’s lots of rules out there and not all of them tend to be law related. There’s rules for when you have a job and what you must do in order to keep it. There’s also rules for when you are married or dating. There’s also social rules. Pictures someone banging their keyboard often and hitting their table at their office. How long do you think they would last at that job? However, there’s things all of us tend to do that just makes no sense and we might be breaking those rules doing them.

Things people do that make no sense:

Parking in the same parking spot each day
it’s a bad habit that many people at work seem to get into and there have been fights over it. Why is that same parking spot really important? It’s almost the same as when you were in school and had to have a seat assigned too you. However, these parking spots aren’t like seats assigned to you but you insist and must have that same parking spot each day. Some feel that one reason as to why this happens is that it’s just a mental shortcut with having to make a decision. You automatically know where to park and end up saving your decision making for other things throughout the day. You get frustrated when someone takes your space because you have to think more on where you need to park. For some people, it totally throws their day off when someone else parks in their parking spot.

Checking the fridge every few minutes
You are tired and hungry. You want to eat but don’t want to eat. You find yourself opening the fridge door and closing it. You go and sit back down. Several minutes later you find yourself doing the same thing again just to discover there’s no food in the fridge. Part of this is caused from the tired fog we all experience at night when we’re exhausted and want to just eat something good.

Adding in lots of stuff in your shopping cart and then not buying it
People can go throughout the store and pile things up in their cart and then not buy it. People do this in the store and online. What’s funny is that people don’t buy them online because their shipping might be expensive like around $6 and that causes them to back out. People in the store might not buy them because they really think about things and decide spending hundreds of dollars on that is not worth it after all.

Face forward in elevators
Have you ever tried to turn your back and look the opposite way in the elevator? Why do we always tend to face forward and not in a different way? Try and make some eye contact with your coworker the next time you’re in the elevator. People tend to reposition themselves when they get into the elevator and when they leave it. Part of this has to do with personal space. You’ll find that it’s very nerve wrecking and uncomfortable turning around and looking at someone in the elevator but it’s a good dare.

Stopping the microwave right before the beeping goes off
Maybe you just don’t want to hear the sound of the beeping. However, many get into the habit of stopping the microwave one second before it beeps. Some just get impatient and want to go ahead and get that food out and eat. They are hungry and don’t want to wait another second.

Skipping the Songs You Put on your Playlist
You put loads of songs on your playlist. Half of the songs you put on your playlist you end up skipping and don’t even listen to them. Maybe you keep them on your playlist just for that one time when you suddenly get in the mood to hear that song. It might just be time to do a spring clean of your playlist and really have just only your favorite songs on it instead of skipping so many.

Not eating until you find something good on TV
Your food is getting cold. You don’t care about this at all. What matters to you the most is that something good must be on TV before you start eating. Part of the reason as to behind this is that people like to be entertained while they are eating. Watching TV is one of the best ways to be entertained. Just don’t let the food get so cold that you can’t enjoy it when you’ve finally found your favorite show.

Throwing out cooking instructions before reading them
It can be the microwavable instructions on the back of your meal or it might just be instructions on a project that you’re working on. Either way, you find yourself accidentally throwing them away and then having to dig thru the trash in order to retrieve them. Sometimes you don’t have much luck on getting the instructions back. This might happen just because we’re tired and think we know exactly what to do when in reality we don’t know how to do anything. Now, be a man and dig up those instructions and admit you need them.

You might think that what you’re doing isn’t normal or that you’re the only person in the world that does that habit. Now you might see after reading this that you’re normal and that you’re not the only one who does those things that you do. Do you feel better at all knowing this info now? Next time you open the microwave door see if it’s before that one second is up and then smile knowing that you’re not the only one who does it.

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