10 Things to do When You Are Down

All of us have our down days. Sometimes the down days can even turn into weeks or months. You might find yourself feeling discouraged and just about to have a meltdown from everything.  In order to prevent this there are things that you can do to help with pulling yourself back up again. It might be just even things such as having a fight with your partner or maybe your child could be sick. You might even be having a hard time at work. What should you do when you get down? How do you pull yourself back up from it? First, always remember to talk with someone professional if it continues.

Check out These 10 Things to do When You Are Down

Remove toxic people and things in your life
This might be one of the hardest things to do. Maybe you’re being weighed down from someone that’s causing you all of this emotional stress. It could even be the things that you have in your life causing the burden. Do some house cleaning. Get rid of those things that no longer serve you. Do you really need all of those magazines? Get on social media. See what friends might be pulling you up or dragging you down. It goes beyond your local social life. If you spend a lot of time on media it could even be some of your friends in your social networking circle.

Disconnect Social Media
Take a break from social media. Just shut off your computer, phone, WiFi and connect with mother nature. Go outside in nature and soak in the sun. You can take pictures of your experience and share them online with your friends later but try to really enjoy nature. Soak in the good energies of the earth. Let the earth refresh and energize your spirit. Don’t turn social media back on until you feel refreshed.

Put Yourself First
We live in an age where people find it hard to put themselves first. You might feel bullied into doing things or either pressured. It’s alright to sometimes say no. If the energy doesn’t feel good then it might be for a reason. Pull back. Watch after yourself. Saying no is putting yourself first. You might start feeling much better once you turn down people that might not sync with your spirit.

Stop sulking and Just be Happy
You can either be miserable or you can be sad. It’s your choice to continue sulking or not being happy. You must decide on what you want do. Sometimes change can only happen when you’re ready to make it happen. No one else might help you with the change. How bad do you want to be happy? If you’re really tired of being sad then get happy by starting with yourself.

Say Positive Affirmations
Get in the habit of each day saying some positive affirmations. It doesn’t matter how hectic of a day you might be having. Just take two minutes and say positive affirmations such as “I AM Happy” and “I’ve Got this”. Positive affirmations also help with calming yourself down. Trust me, just saying them 5 minutes per day can make a big difference.

Do Retail Shopping Therapy
You work hard and deserve a break. Go out and do some retail shopping therapy without feeling guilty. Remember your limit on how much you can actually spend and don’t go over it. Get something silly or something that you need. It can be anything from makeup too some new tools. Just remember to have fun shopping and don’t stress about it.

What Makes You Comfortable?
Stop and think about the things that makes you comfortable. What makes you feel better? Is it crawling up in bed and reading a good book? Is it taking time out and popping popcorn and watching a movie? Just doing something that makes you comfortable can help with making you unwind and feel good about yourself. When you’re stressed out it can cause a lot of problems and it can affect your health in many different ways. Take the evening to relax and pick yourself up again.

Enjoy Being Alone
Don’t sulk in being by yourself and alone. Learn how to enjoy being alone. Do meditation, listen to upbeat music. Use the time to reenergize yourself and fall in love with yourself as you spend time alone. Being alone can help you if you let it.

Figure Out What’s Bothering You
Sit down, meditate and try to find the source of what is really bothering you. If you can identify what’s bothering you then try to reverse the problem. What can you do to prevent that problem from bothering you again? Take steps with helping things go towards the right direction.

Follow Your Heart
Sometimes the only way to become happy again is by following your heart. What is your heart telling you to do? It might be very hard at first to listen to your heart but you’ve got to trust it. In order to let go of being sad, follow your heart. Trust yourself. Trust the universe to help you with guiding you to the right direction. Don’t look back. Only look forward and know that you’ve got this and that your heart is telling you the right thing to do.

Surround yourself with positive people and friends. Listen to music that gets you going and helps to put a smile on your face. As stated above, if it continues to get worse or you don’t see a change, consider getting some professional help. Talking to a professional can help with getting you out of your current situation that you’re in right now and make you feel good again. There’s nothing wrong with seeking out help from when you feel down.

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