The 5 Most Important Innovations in Medical Science

The 21st century brings remarkable breakthroughs in medical technology. Researchers usurped every technological advance and innovation to add to their toolbox for health, regeneration and fitness. Just a century ago, the breakthrough of X-Ray technology arrived, shortly followed by protective wear like x-ray aprons and the thyroid collar. Now, a century later, here are five of the most important game-changers: Lymphedema pump is one amongs the various important innovations in medical science.

Melanoma Scanner

Melanoma is nearly 100% curable if caught early but is the most deadly form of skin cancer if not detected in early stages. In the U.S., over 7700 people die of melanoma each year.

To aid online viagra in early detection, the epiluminescent microscopy (ELM) unit is a hand-held device which scans suspicious lesions. When paired with intelligent software capable of discerning a benign mole from a cancerous lesion, the results are significant.


Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT)

Digital mammography scans can often detect cancers which go undetected due to overlapping tissue which can obscure cancerous lesions, producing false-negative reports. Using similar equipment to what is already in use for digital mammography, it provides an extension service capable of providing enough separation of the tissue which is overlapping to detect hidden cancers.


Bionic Hand

Touch Bionics developed the remarkable iLimb prosthetic hand, setting a new standard for all prosthetic limbs. The iLimb moves like a natural hand, bending at every joint and knuckle. It grasps, shakes and holds. Fingers move independently and the hand is able to slowly tighten its grip as may be needed in some instances, for example, when carrying a heavy bag or when trying to tie a shoelace. It is powered by software called Biosim and offers power management for extended battery life.


Gene Therapy

The Human Genome Project completed ahead of schedule. This project was an international collaborative effort to sequence every gene in the human genome. The biotechnology boom is

fueled by this data. Gene therapies are being developed, discovered and analyzed around the world. The benefit potential for human health and longevity is immense.


Guinea Worm Near Eradication

Over 3.5 million people were afflicted annually with this grotesquely disfiguring and painful parasitic infection. Humans are its only host. The guinea worm is the only disease to reach a 99% eradication rate without the use of vaccines or medications. Instead, modes for filtering water or of gaining access to clean drinking water has been provided by organizations like the Gates Foundation, the Carter Foundation and the World Health Organization.



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