5 Of The Worst Cars Ever Designed

The design and development of automobiles throughout history has evolved over the years. Unlike some of the predecessors of modern vehicles, most cars manufactured today do not present problems when drivers want to get inside of their vehicles. Parts usually function. In modern society, people can even buy discount truck tires when they visit

The following list offers brief descriptions pertaining to five of the worst cars ever designed:


1. Introducing the 1958 Zunndapp Janus, a Car with Mysterious Doors

It was difficult for a driver to determine the location of the doors on this unusual vehicle. Once the driver and passenger finally figured out how to get inside of this car, the next problem involved the size of the vehicle. This car must have been designed by tiny elves working away into the middle of the night. Elves would have had no problems sitting comfortably in this vehicle.


2. The Amazing 1920 Briggs & Stratton Flyer

This car resembled a dune buggy more than an automobile. The car did not have a top,

side doors, a windshield or any type of suspension. This car featured zero practicality when driving it on a typical road. The only good thing about the Stratton Flyer is that it was rather colorful with its two pink, blue and white seats, wooden steering wheel and wooden floor planks.


3. The 1975 Trabant: an East German Car without Brake Lights

It is difficult to believe that any automobile manufacturer would create a vehicle without any brake lights. Yet, the Trabant did not have any brake lights, nor did it feature right and left turn signals. Drivers of this automobile needed to know proper hand signals in order to make right or left turns without risking getting traffic tickets.


4. The 1983 Camaro Iron Duke: One of the Slowest Cars Ever Invented

This car, a product of Chevrolet, was not able to equal the speed

of the Ford Mustang, which was its direct competitor. People who were overly cautious while driving must their vehicles must have really appreciated the slow speed generated by this car. A better name would have been the Camaro Iron Turtle.


5. The 1970 Triumph Stag: An Exceptional Body with a Nervous Twitch

This vehicle had an amazing design as far as the body work was concerned, but the problem is that a driver could not drive it too long before it broke down. More parts broke while driving this car than seemed possible, including the water pump. Because of its sleek design, no one would have ever suspected that this car experienced frequent nervous breakdowns.

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