Odd Benefits of Eating Ice Cream

Before you feel guilty about eating  vanilla ice cream or another kind of flavor, let me reassure you, it’s not that bad for you. People deny themselves treats and then end up gaining weight from denying themselves those treats. Ice cream is one treat you can eat within moderation without having to worry much. You just have to be careful on what king of ice cream you eat and not over do it.

Here are some amazing odd benefits of eating ice cream

Get in your vitamins
Struggling with finding a way to get your vitamins in daily? Did you know that just one scoop of some ice cream can help you with getting in the vitamins you need? You can even get vitamin K in your ice cream. Other vitamins you can get in a scoop of ice cream includes A,B, C, D and E.

Ice cream helps with blood clotting
Due to ice cream having vitamin E in it you might be shocked to know that ice cream even helps with blood clotting. If you might find yourself struggling with blood clots talk with your doctor about having a scoop of ice cream to help.

Get a dose of minerals your body needs
Having a hard time trying to figure out how to get the minerals your body needs? Ice cream has a scoop of minerals in them. Having minerals also helps with lowering your blood pressure, builds and helps with maintaining strong bones plus teeth and helps with protecting your kidney function and making it normal.

Ice cream even gives you energy
Do you wake up feeling tired and exhausted? Maybe you might even feel as if you should go back to bed. Instead of grabbing for that cup of coffee first, maybe have that scoop of ice cream first. It can give you energy because of the nutritional value that is in it. It has a lot of good protein plus it contains milk which also gives you the energy you need in the morning.

Think creative again because of ice cream
When you’re a block and can’t think creatively, you for sure need to have some ice cream. It can help you with stimulating the creative thinking. Ice cream can release happy hormones and it works as a natural tranquilizer and this causes your body to help with relaxation.

Studies show ice cream helps to reduce the suffering that comes from cancer
Calcium is in each scoop of ice cream that you have. It can help reduce the risk of having colon cancer. It can also help to reduce the suffering that comes from the cancer. Calcium gives you healthy bones and makes you stronger plus has many other benefits to it.

Vanilla ice cream helps your hair and skin
Vanilla ice cream has a small amount of riboflavin, thiamine and other things in it which helps your hair and skin. You might find other flavors of ice cream that also contain about the same which also helps your hair and skin but maybe not as much as vanilla.

Reduces Stress
When you have ice cream, your body becomes relaxed. Due to the vitamins and how it makes your body feel, ice cream can help with reducing stress. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or maybe you just need to relax somehow but can’t, go ahead and have that scoop of ice cream. You will be amazed at how much relaxed you feel afterwards.

Helps with weight loss
If you are struggling with losing weight and can’t figure out how, maybe you need to start having ice cream. When you have ice cream it gives you energy and you might be able to get enough energy in that you work off the ice cream and more calories.

Ice cream makes you smile
Do you feel down or need a reason to smile again? Ice cream helps with making you smile again because of the fact that it does indeed release those happy chemicals. You’ll find yourself smiling by the time you’re done with having that scoop of ice cream.

You’ll become motivated to workout
Struggling with not wanting to work out? Get the energy you need and work out after you have your ice cream. This will also help you with being able to lose weight and even tone your body to what you want. Be sure that you have some nice workout music on in order to help with meeting your fitness goals.

Ice creams helps you become organized
When you have ice cream and you feel relaxed and stimulated, you’ll be able to become organized better. You might not only find yourself becoming organized but even organized in such a way that it is creative organization due to the fact that it helps with creative thinking.

Helps to enhance your immunity
Believe it or not, ice cream helps with enhancing your immunity. It has cytokines and lactoferrin in it that can help with the immunity in your body being increased. It also helps to prevent the flu and other things. If you’re worried about the flu then you for sure need to have that scoop of ice cream.

Ice cream might also appear healthy within moderation but there’s still a lot of bad things with it as well, and more so if you eat more than one scoop. Ice cream has sugar and other things in it which might not be good for your health. However, let’s not think about any of the bad things that comes with ice cream. Just have one scoop of ice cream, eat within moderation and enjoy it knowing you’re not having such a bad treat after all.

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