11 Red Gadgets You Can Buy that Will Match Your New Red iPhone

Just recently Apple announced the latest special red edition of the iPhone 7. It not only looks amazing but each purchase with this red iPhone 7 special edition goes towards a Global Fund to help with supporting the AIDS and HIV program. They are working their best towards helping it become an AIDS-free generation. If you’re looking to contribute towards it this is one of the best ways. Maybe you’ve just recently purchased the iPhone 7 special edition. As you’re looking around your room you just realized you don’t have anything else that matches your new color. You can get most of these online or at or on

Check out these 11 Red Gadgets You Can Buy that Will Match your new red iPhone

Red Nexus Gadgets Talking Pedometer
All you need to do is just push the button and talk to the pedometer. You will be able to hear the number of steps you’ve done, how much you’ve walked or even jogged. The pedometer also comes with several other special features with it. The display has a built in LCD and makes it very easy to read. It’s a great little device to have in your home.

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Apple iPod Shuffle RED special edition 4th generation
Want to match your iPhone 7 with another really cool retro Apple product? The Apple iPod Shuffle 4th generation is old but it still works. It’s also not only red but it’s sleek, durable and feels solid. The amazing thing about this iPod is regardless of its age, you can get up to about 15 hours of battery life and listen to your music all day with it.

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Dexas Elevated Silicone Cooking Mat in Red
Now, if you’re looking around the kitchen and just noticing the lack of red in it then you might consider the Devas elevated silicone cooking mat in red. This mat not only is in red but it helps you with making your meals tastier and healthier.

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Swingline 747 Rio Red Stapler
You never know when you might need a stapler. Black or white seems to be the most common colors used when it comes with a stapler. What if you really want something unique? The color red would be the perfect color to buy with a stapler. You can put your phone next to the red stapler and really show off your red iPhone that way at work.

Inflatable Red Gummy Chair with Pump
If you’re looking to add in some red furniture to your dorm, bedroom or even basement this red gummy chair would be ideal. It’s even more idea if you’re a gummy bear lover but even if you’re not it’s still the color red and it’s very cute. You’re bound to fall in love with it.

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Cramer Red Rolling Step Stool
You never know when a red rolling step stool could come in handy. Maybe you’re busy working on a lot of decorations and redoing the house. You can easily just roll out this step stool and get to the spot you need without even thinking about it. Even if you’re not doing anything, this would still be a great item to have in your room and show off just because it’s the color red.

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Keurig Red Coffee Maker
It’s a Keurig and it’s red and a coffee maker. Need I say anything more about it? This might very well could be one of the best gadgets you’ve ever owned. They also have just regular red coffee makers but if you’re looking for something new and different, then you should check out the coffee maker from Keurig but make sure that you get it in the color red.

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JBL Clip Red Bluetooth Splash Proof Portable Speaker
The cool thing about this gadget is, not only is it red but it’s also an awesome portable speaker you can carry around. It’s very light weight and it’s even splash proof. If you accidently splash water on it then don’t worry because it’s still protected. It even comes with a speakerphone with it that is echo free. It’s really one of the best ways to listen to your music with your red iPhone and carry around a red speaker with it and have the best experience ever.

The  Red Excel Two Tray Tool Cart with Rubber work Surface
Need a new tool cart? Check out the two tray tool cart that’s red. You can easily put your iPhone on top of it while you’re working on projects in the garage or somewhere else. It even comes with one lock and has two keys with it. The great thing about this tool cart is that it also has wheels and you easily move the cart around with you as you do things.

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Red Beats EP Headphones
You’ll find a variety of headphones available but did you know that they have red beats headphones? It would be a great way to sync your red iPhone with your matching red headphones. If you find yourself to be one of those that might not want to carry around a portable but just want to put on your headphones and go, then you might want to check these red Beats headphones out.

Lexington Red Anywhere Fireplace
The Lexington Red Anywhere Fireplace is awesome. You no longer have to worry about the candles when you have this fireplace. Plus it’s the color red and a perfect match with your red iPhone. The fireplace is perfect for any dinner party and even small areas. You can easily put it on the coffee table and even dinner table and make it a very special occasion.

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There are many other red gadgets available online. These just so happened to be really cute and would be a great thing to have next to your red iPhone 7 or any other kind of red device that you might have with you. The color red is very flexible and there’s lots of things that can match with it, as you can see.

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