Most Amazing Real Life Rapunzels of the World

Long hair is really one of the most appealing features men look for in most women. Women do all sorts of stuff to have a hair like Rapunzel. Some of you might consider this weird, but it is a fact that there are a number of real life rapunzels in the world. Some of the have not undergone a haircut since they were a few years old, while others have used all sorts of diets as well as medicine to notch up their hair length. Don’t dare to go close to these women, as they can whip you really bad with their hair. Below you can read about the 5 most amazing life rapunzels of the world.

5. The Pony Tail Family

You might have heard that women use all sorts of tricks to grow their hair for competitions. If that is so, then here is another case of a family. Terelynn Russell and her 3 daughters are famous all over the world for growing their hair to compete in ponytail competitions.  The hair of the mother is more than 6 feet in length. That’s not all, as the 3 daughters are also destined to follow in her footsteps. The mother easily wins ponytail competitions at fairs and carnivals arranged from time to time.

Terelynn Russell

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4. Natasha Moraes De Andrade

This 12 year old teen had grown her hair to more than 5 feet in length. But it is not her hair because of which she is on this list. It’s rather the act she did to support her family. Yes, this young girl sold her hair for $ 5000 to support her family. She did the right thing, as hair maintenance cost her about $ 600 per year which was really too much.

Natasha Moraes De Andrade

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3. Seven Sutherland Sisters

In the 19th century, these sisters were one of the first celebrity models in America. They had a combined hair of about 37 feet or more which is really an unbreakable record of the world till now. All of them specialized in music which is another reason for which they got so famous. Soon the sisters got famous all over the country. There also came a time when they were unable to walk across the street with their awesome tresses behind them. I am sure that their mother and father really had some strong genes for hair growth.

Seven Sutherland Sisters

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2. Dai Yue Qin

She currently holds the record for the longest hair in the world. She is also famous for being queen of long hair in China. She reported that it takes her about 2 to 3 hours to completely comb her hair on a daily basis. The length of her hair is now 14 feet or more. That’s not all, as it takes her around 5 to 6 hours to wash her hair every 2 weeks.

Dai Yue Qin-woman with the longest hair in the world

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1. Asha Mandela

Now here we have the most amazing and awesome living Rapunzel of the world. She currently holds the record of having the longest dreadlocks. The same is the reason for which she is famous as “The Black Rapunzel”. What’s more bizarre is that she uses 6 or more shampoo bottles to wash her dreadlocks once a week.

Asha Mandela

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