Five Tree Houses from Around the World That You Could Live in

Everyone dreams of living in a tree house when they are growing up but recent technological developments in tree house construction enable that dream to become a realistic housing option. Tree houses have come a long way from those plywood haphazard jalopies in the backyard. Here are five options that not only provide form but also function to those seeking life in the tree tops.


O2 Treehouse


The visually stunning structure appears as a glowing lantern, teepee or cube floating amongst the tree canopy. The unique company has distinctive treehouse designs customized for the client needs. The versatile structures are modular to suit a variety of needs including guest rooms, office space, entertaining space, art/music studios, nature-viewing platform, yoga studio, or bedroom. The buildings are eco-friendly as they are constructed with recycled materials. Additionally, the company provides design services to ensure safety and the lowest carbon footprint.


Temple of the Blue Moon


The Temple of the Blue Moon is a masterpiece worthy of such a wonderful name. This treehouse is actually a complex on the Nelson’s Northwest Treehouse School in Fall City, Washington. The schools specialized in teaching construction that is harmonious with nature. The model space boasts luxurious hardwood floors, built-in bed, desk nook, and plenty of living space. One of the most distinctive features is that the house literally building around the tree which provides an interesting conversational piece. A walkway reminiscent of a draw bridge provides access to the spacious home.


Trillium Treehouse


Also in the Nelson’s Northwest Treehouse School, the 200 square foot Trillium Treehouse boasts gorgeous floor to ceiling windows with creature comforts such as a queen sized bed , reading area, cozy kitchen, electric toilet, and a closet. This one-of-a-kind glass house is nestled in a giant western red cedar and provides a panoramic view of the Washington forest.


The Biosphere Tree


Perched 120 feet above the tropical forests of Hawaii is the Biosphere Tree. The stunning structure is in a Banyan Tree and consists of seven floors with transparent roofs. The structure has a bathroom on the lowest level has a composting toilet and solar panels provide power to the house.


Banyan Treehouse


With an awesome view of Nichols

Canyon, the Banyan House in California is a posh modern

treetop abode. The contemporary space has a bathroom, refrigerator, daybed, and great views from numerous windows.


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