Countries Banning Pokemon Go

Users are getting banned playing Pokemon Go for cheating. However, it’s just not users getting banned for cheating. Countries are currently banning Pokemon Go for a variety of reasons. Pokemon Go is a hit but if you live in some countries you won’t be able to experience it at all. Some of the reasons is because of the injuries that have happened, shootings and because of the Pokemon Go conspiracy theories already spreading around the globe. Some of the countries listed below have not completely banned Pokemon Go but have banned it in many locations making it hard for users to play the game.

Check out some of these countries banning Pokemon Go


Soon fans in Australia might find it very difficult to play Pokemon Go in the country. The police have started urging Pokemon Go fans in Australia to stop searching for the Sandshrew in the Darwin Police Station. Pokemon Go players in Australia have also been warned that if you’re playing the game, it does not give you access to trespass on private property and you cannot use the game as a legal defense in court.


Russia has decided to not take part in the Pokemon Go frenzy. Franz Klintsevich, the first deputy chairman of the Federal Councils Committee on Defense, has said that he felt the game could possibly resemble the devil. He feels as if the devil has arrived through the mechanism and he does not want the game to ruin them spiritually.


Iran is the first country to actually ban Pokemon Go completely. They have banned Pokemon Go for security reasons and for other reasons. Pokemon Go fans in Iran are disappointed with the fact that they can no longer play Pokemon Go in their country. I am sure that soon other countries will be banning Pokemon Go for security reasons.

 Here are some countries were Pokemon Go is not available yet but not necessarily banned


China is the biggest country in the world. You can find many fun and exciting games to play on your mobile device but one game you won’t find available is Pokemon Go. It’s actually making some people nervous as to why China might not be allowing Pokemon Go in their area. You can understand as to why they are being cautious considering all the bad things that has already happened with the game.

South Korea

Some fans of Pokemon Go in South Korea might have difficulty with being able to play it but there are loopholes. If you really want to play Pokemon Go in South Korea you might find yourself having to play in isolated towns to get thru the loopholes. Good luck. Be careful. Just remember if you try to go thru the loophole that some of those areas are banned on Google maps.


Rumor has it that eventually you might be able to play Pokemon Go in India. There is just currently a delay with it. We will see what happens in the future. It might be very hard playing Pokemon Go in India.


Currently you can’t play Pokemon Go right now in Malaysia. This may or may not change. However, the weather is beautiful right now in Malaysia. You should go out and enjoy the weather in Malaysia regardless of the fact that you can’t play Pokemon Go right now.


Laws and countries can change. If you wake up and find out that you can’t play Pokemon Go in your area see if you have been a user banned from playing Pokemon Go or if it’s your area that has been banned from playing Pokemon Go. If your area has been banned from playing Pokemon Go you might consider going on a vacation or even possibly relocating if you’re a true die hard Pokemon Go fan player. There are a few other counteries were Pokemon Go is not available yet and we can only hope that soon most of the world will be able to experience Pokemon Go just once and that maybe Iran might change their mind.

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