9 Weird Things People Do When Driving

Many people get annoyed when driving and for good reason. People seem to do weird things when they are driving and most don’t even seem to be aware of the things that they are doing. It is aggravating to be driving and then glance over and see someone in another car doing weird things. There are also lots of things drivers do that others can’t stand such as drivers that won’t ever let you merge over into the next lane. However, what are some weird things people do when driving?

Check out these 9 Weird Things People Do When Driving

  1. Brushing teeth when driving

To my horror, I have seen people brush their teeth when driving. If this wasn’t bad enough not only were they brushing their teeth but they were even using an electric toothbrush. It’s a good thing I wasn’t in that car. If I was in that car when they were brushing their teeth I would have not been very nice to them about it. My thinking is that maybe they were drinking and needed to brush their teeth real fast so no one could smell it on their breath at work.

  1. Changing clothes

I have watched in movies where passengers change clothes in the back seat when they are late for work. I never would have guessed that I would have watched a driver change their clothes. Thankfully it was a man that was changing his clothes and I didn’t see much else except that he was changing his shirt real fast. No one else was in the car with him. The only epic fail with this one was that he was not very hot looking.

  1. Drivers taking pictures of themselves driving

This might not be so weird but I have seen several people do this and it’s not safe. They’ll be driving and for whatever reason decide at that time to take a selfie when driving. The reason why this isn’t safe is that you lose focus of driving and something dangerous can happen to you just within that split second of you taking a picture. Hold off on the picture until you stop driving.

  1. Drivers reading at the wheel

I find this one not only weird but also scary. I totally understand and get it if you’re a college student and trying to study for a test that is coming up but please don’t read at the wheel. Wait until you’re some place safe and can study. There are lots of audio books available that you can hear when driving instead of putting your life at risk when reading at the wheel. I’ve seen drivers doing this a couple of times and I was relieved to get away from them on the road because I knew they weren’t fully concentrating on driving.

  1. Changing diapers

Some people have seen women change their babies diapers in the front seat next to them. You can at least pull over at a store and change it. You can also get a ticket or busted by the police if you’re caught doing something like this so my best advice is wait on changing your babies diaper.

  1. Doing arts and crafts when driving

I will never understand this one. I know that doing arts and crafts is relaxing but when driving? Just wait until you get home to finish that arts and crafts project. There is no reason for you to put your life and others in danger in order to finish that arts project. If you’re running behind on an assignment then shame on you for still doing it in the car when driving.

  1. Playing musical instruments

Here is another one I don’t understand. Why do people play musical instruments when driving?  Do they think that they will impress the other passengers in the car with them? Put the instrument down and just enjoy the radio until you have reached your destination and can play your instrument. Trust me, your friends will still be impressed If you wait to show off your musical skills.

  1. Picking your feet at the wheel

It’s dangerous enough having your feet up at the wheel when driving but picking them at the same time is extremely dangerous. Driving with your feet on the wheel will slow you down in situations and won’t cause you to respond properly when you’re on the road. You never know when you might need to suddenly hit those breaks fast.

  1. Picking your nose

Seeing passengers pick their nose is just as bad but seeing drivers pick their nose is just plain out gross! Imagine how you would feel if you were sitting next to someone that was picking their nose. It’s not a very pretty picture is it? Sometimes people pick their noses out of habit and might not even be aware that they are doing it which is even more disturbing. If you share your car then you also might be spreading germs when picking your nose and driving. The best way to get out of this habit is simply to just put some Kleenex next to you or either have some in your hand when driving. Try to not pick your nose when driving. It also looks very immature when you’re picking your nose and trust me, if you’re a parent then your children will also notice you doing it.


You might think that what you’re doing is not very bad at the time but if it takes your mind off the road then it’s not only bad but you could be putting your life and other lives at risk. Focus on only driving when you’re on the road. Those other things can always wait.

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