9 Ways on How the Internet is Changing Our Thought Patterns

The internet has changed many things for us. We are able to connect to people from all over the world. We can play games online and connect to our family in another state. However, there’s also some negative things that’s happening with our thought patterns as we use the internet more and more. Some people don’t even stop and think about the negative things happening with our brain. Take it, the internet is positive in so many ways but it’s still good to know as to what all can happen with your thought pattern as you use it more.

Check out these 9 ways on how the internet is changing our thought patterns

Long term memory is becoming worse
When you’re constantly browsing and scrolling and then also clicking on different things it can impact your ability to actually remember all of the current information. You’re always being distracted plus having to take in new information and pushing out the information that just entered into your mind. Constant browsing causes your mind in many ways to become lazy as it doesn’t process the information like it should be doing.

You feel connected but also alone at the same time
At first when you think about all of the friends and contacts you have on social network sites you feel great and connected to people. However, at the same time you start to also feel alone. When you’re at a party or dinner date your guest might be staring on their phone instead of paying attention to you. Some people have a hard time with one-on-one conversations in public because they are use to just digital conversations now.

Empathetic gifts get tuned out
There’s a lot of trolls and cyber bullies online. You start to tune them out and not care about how their comments might affect you and others. Due to the constant distraction of being online it also causes us to not have deep connections with other people which causes the empathetic gifts to get tuned out. When your thought process is always interrupted then you’re not able to experience empathy at 100% which is why it’s important to concentrate and not become distracted.

It is confusing the things that might be important
Studies show that when there’s a loss of cognitive control online it can cause a loss of attention but at the same time it can control our mind plus controls how we think about things. Your mind becomes attracted to what’s new instead of what might be important. Seeing other comments online might also confuse it as to what is important and what’s not important.

We are not as literary compared to the past
The internet has billions of web pages from around the world. We tend to be absorbing a lot more written info than ever before in history. However, how much of that is from long-form writing? When was the last time you curled up with a good book to read? I’m not talking about the audio version of a book but actually reading the book itself. How long did you read it without becoming distracted and having to put it down? Try and take time out daily to read a book and encourage your children to read.

Thinking out loud more is becoming common
I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing but the internet is encouraging us to think about things out loud more. People tend to think out loud as they are reading things online and might say things they could regret later depending on what they are reading. Clive Thompson in his IdeasFest Talk claims that this is called public thinking and that the internet has turned everyone into being a writer whether they might realize it or possibly not even realize it.

Spending more time online then outdoors getting less Vitamin D
It’s important to get Vitamin D. When you don’t have enough Vitamin D it can cause problems with the way you think and other issues. It’s important to also spend time outdoors. These days a lot of people tend to be inside scrolling online instead of going outside and getting that vitamin D. Try and make a point of spending at least 15 minutes outside in order to make sure that you’re getting enough D in your system.

It’s making our focus shorter
A lot of people seem to be getting adult ADHD and having a hard time with being able to focus more. Part of this is because of the internet. You’re constantly able to browse online and not have to stay at one place for a long time online. This constant browsing can make your focus shorter and cause you to not be able to focus on things as good.

Why remember things when we can write it down in an app
We don’t tend to remember things because we become lazy with depending on apps to remind us. We also might text a friend and depend on looking back at that text to remember. Have you ever updated your Facebook status while listening to some music in the background and texting at the same time? You’ve just experienced what’s called the phenomenon of continuous partial attention. This in time can impact your brain. Try to not always multi task and get into the habit of memorizing instead of relying on apps constantly to help you with your memory.

Try and have time when you’re not online. Go out and soak up the sun, put your phone down and enjoy spending real time with your family and friends. People online should know and respect that you have a life. If they get upset then maybe they shouldn’t be your friend online. Spending time offline might be a great way to also test to see who might be your real friend online and respect you.

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