8 Funny Ways that Proves You Are In A Great Relationship

It can be hard knowing if you’re in a good relationship. Sometimes your partner might be busy and could leave you having doubts. Dating someone can be tricky but you sometimes just have to be observant. There are ways to know for sure if someone really loves you. Many don’t even think about these funny ways as a sign that proves they are in a great relationship because they have never thought of the signs that way before. Another thing to do, is if you’re unsure check out your friends dating their friends and see who is in love. Observe them closely but just remember that not every relationship is the same. What might make their relationship amazing could be just the opposite with yours.

Check out these 8 Funny Ways that Proves You Are In A Great Relationship

  1. They don’t look bored when you talk about your passions to them

Your partner should be very supportive of you. This might not seem very funny at first but in a way it can be. Have you ever been talking and your partner just falls asleep and they don’t care about anything you’re saying? Their face expressions might be funny but at the same time, it can be frustrating to you. However, if you’ve found one that doesn’t look bored or fall asleep when you’re talking to them about your passions stick with them.

  1. Getting funny text messages from them when you least expect it

Just because they don’t say “I love you” on every text message doesn’t mean they don’t. Some have a hard time saying those words. They might send you funny text messages throughout the day to help with making you smile or laugh. Don’t get annoyed by these text messages. If it gets to be too much just tell them in a nice way but know they care about you. If you’re not exactly sure of how to reply, send a funny picture back to them. You don’t always have to respond back via a text message.
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  1. Tagging cute and funny pictures of each other on social media sites

It’s not always a good idea to be friends with your partner on a social media site but if you are, you know they really like you when they are tagging you in cute and funny pictures. One picture could just speak a thousand words and your friends will also know that you’re in love and taken. Don’t forget to sometimes also tag them in a funny picture.
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  1. Making silly faces to each other in public and holding hands

Believe it or not, some people have a hard time with holding hands in public. It could be a huge sign if  your partner holds your hand in public. Them making silly faces at you might also be another way they are showing that they care for you. Just go with the flow and join in the fun with your partner. When was the last time you held your partners hand in public?

  1. Randomly says funny compliments to you

Giving out a compliment might be hard for some to do. They might not know exactly what to say. Instead of giving you a sincere compliment, they very well could give you a compliment that is funny. You might not know what to say at first but just take it as a compliment and know they mean it from the heart. Try and also get into the habit of saying randomly funny compliments to them as well when they least expect it.

  1. Spending a long time watching silly songs on YouTube together

Have you ever wanted to be in love with someone and have that perfect song together? The song might not even have to be a romantic song. Maybe the song could be one that caused you two to have that perfect silly moment together. Watching YouTube together might help with finding out that song that will help you smile whenever you hear it and think of them.

  1. Surprising you with random gifts

They might not be very expensive gifts but they could surprise you with a random silly gift. It might not even be a romantic gift. Just know it’s their way of showing appreciation and how much they care for you. Sometimes gifts that might not much could be the best gift in the world. It could even be a gag gift they give you. They are trying just to show how they care and want to see your smile.

  1. Kiss you regardless of your garlic breath

You know they love if you just had garlic toast or something with garlic in it and they kiss you anyways. What’s really awesome is if they smell the garlic on you and don’t even complain about it. Take it as a huge compliment when they kiss you regardless of how your breath might smell. Might sound silly but this is a true act of love.


Just remember that it’s all about the small things such as a kiss when you have garlic breath that shows rather or not they love you. When they are having bad days don’t let that discourage you too much. Try and be there for them just like they would be there for you on a bad day.

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