7 Epic Facts You Should Know

There are a number of facts in this world that can be described as epic. If you think that you already know all there is to know in this world, please reconsider. The best thing about the facts is that they exist independent of us. In other words, the facts do not require the human mind to comprehend to their existence. What? The facts are the only things that can be defined as realities. The ones I would be sharing with you below would truly come to impress almost some of you, if not all. Moreover, it is also likely that some people might not even agree with them. You might have heard about the saying that there is no such thing as reality. Well, I personally do not agree with this saying. The actual definition of reality is the state or condition in which something exist and not what it might appear to us. How can we determine the reality of things while knowing that the human mind and rationality is bounded? We can’t even see most of the wavelengths of light, so on what basis can we falsify things that some people term as unverifiable? This philosophical debate can go forever, so it is best that now I share with you the 7 epic facts you should know. Here they are.

7. Nazism in Modern Germany

It is a fact that Nazism is still visible in the modern Germany no matter the government might accept it or not. But to show the world that Germany has moved on, making the Nazi salute in the country is considered to be a serious offense. Till now, it has not been easy for Germany to undermine the facts of their Nazi Past. Although the approval rating of Hitler in the country is quite low, but still it is enough to make the world thing again.

6. We are the Best

Human beings happen to be the best in terms of running long distance. In fact, we are the living beings with the max stamina for covering long distances. Especially in terms of the long distance and marathon races, we can easily beat the horses and all other animals.

5. We are in The Matrix

Some scientists in Boston are of the view that it is quite possible to hone our cognitive mechanisms in a manner in which we would be able to learn some of the most complex tactics and tasks in no time as depicted in the movie, The Matrix. So, who would be the next Neo amongst you?

4. Japanese Honeybee

In order to kill and fry hornets, the Japanese bees enclose it in a ball made by hundreds of bees. They do so by generating nearly 115 degrees F of heat by shaking their bodies in a stylized manner.

3. Long Live the Philanthropists

Most of us

love to criticize the billionaires and millionaires just because we are not what they are. Yes, it is true that some of them might not deserve the fame and fortune that came their way, but applying the same to all of them is not rational. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have been giving away a major portion of their net worth for various charitable purposes. Some even say that both of them would be donating more than 50 % of their net worth.

2. John Lennon

There are numerous unpleasant facts about John Lennon that some of you might not want to hear. One such fact is that he used to beat his wife every now and then. He had even admitted it later onwards. The icon millions have been worshipping till now was a man who was marked for some serious psychopathologies. Furthermore, his oldest son had also been the victim of emotional abuse. It was because of Julian’s conception that Lennon had been forced into marriage. There is no end to the instances in which he made his son cry.

1. The Chinese

1/3rd of the smokers in this world happen to be Chinese or have Chinese origins. The smoking population of the country is in fact more than the total population of the United States of America. So, how is that for all the epic facts?

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