6 Really Weird Phobias You Need To Know About

Mostly used in the content of clinical psychology, a phobia can be defined as a kind of morbid fear or a type of specialized anxiety disorder. It is a kind of persistent fear we come to have in relation to certain objects, things and situations. In other words, we are always keen in terms of escaping from the stimuli and environments which we find aversive or distressing. These weirdest phobias have varying psychological and sociological basis, all of which have been subject to profound levels of research in the past few years. Although these phobias happen to have a bizarre nature, they can be cured by making use of the right form of clinical intervention. You might have heard the names of a number of phobias in your everyday life, but the ones I would be sharing with you would surely let you know about the underlying symptoms and technicalities which they encompass. Some people are afraid of heights while others might be afraid of water. In all, there is something which is still common among them all i.e. a never ending fear that something bad might happen. If you think that you happen to be suffering from one of the phobias I would be sharing with you below, it is best to get in touch with a therapist or a clinician at the first. Here are the 6 really weird phobias you need to know about.

6. Vomitophobia

This phobia is marked for a never ending fear of vomiting in the presence of others or of seeing other people vomiting. The worse condition might be the time in which these people completely isolate themselves from others and tend to avoid all forms of socialization. If not treated in time and using the right intervention, this phobia can cause a major depression which might last for a long time to come, but not to worry, as it can be cured quite easily.

5. Spectrophobia

The phobia can be defined in terms of the fear of being in front of the mirror. There is another disorder which is quite related to this one, which is known as the body dysmorphic disorder. What happens in this phobia is that the person suffering from it develops a fear of one’s own reflection. There might be some sort of guilt or pathology underlying the occurrence of this weird phobia, but to say the least, it is marked by the fear of having a self-knowledge. You do not need to worry about it, as you are all awesome and wonderful no matter what the people might say about you.

4. Nomophobia

A large number of people fear of being out of the cell range. In fact, some of them tend to become really weird and bizarre at times when they have to let go of their cell phones. Being phoneless by any cause, can induce a number of panic symptoms in some people. The reactions that are generated from their side can be dangerous at times.

3. The Fear of Peanut Butter

The phobia is marked for the fear of having peanut butter being stuck or attached to the upper portion of the mouth. The specific name of this phobia is Arachibutyrophobia. Have you ever imagined how would it feel when the peanut butter would stick to the top or to the roof of your mouth? Well, most of you would say here that is not a big deal, but for some people, it is.

2. Phagophobia

People who suffer from this phobia on a mild level tend to make use of lighter or liquid based foods. Most of the times, you will see these people complaining about the inability to swallow the food in the solid form. On analysis and checkup, no major symptom might be seen, but still they would be persistent in terms of the complaints. Not to forget that some of the nutritionist confuse it with the fear of eating, especially when a girl complains about these symptoms.

1. Trichophobia

If you tend to see hair in everything you touch, then surely you are suffering from trichophobia. It is also caused in lines to the disgust which one comes to feel while losing hair. Initially, the people suffering from it might get enraged or odd on the sight of the hair on the clothes, but soon they would start making complaints about seeing them on everything that comes in their visual span.


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