16 Bizarre and Badass Images showing the End of The World

The Mayans have failed in predicting the exact date for the end of the world. We should all feel lucky and gifted in terms of surviving the end of the world which was actually scheduled for the year 2012. Till now a number of astronomical theories and viewpoints have been proposed in order to offer a sound explanation for the end of times. The Popol Vuh are of the view here that the Gods had created

3 failed worlds followed by the creation of the 4th world, in which all of us are now living in. surely, all of the theories and numerical calculations have failed to predict the date on which the end is expected to occur, so till then it is best that we enjoy ourselves by taking a look at the 16 bizarre and badass images showing the end of the world. You are sure to find some of these images to be disturbing and weird. Here they are.

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