10 Things Rich People Do That You Might Do

People think that if you’re rich that they blow their money, have fun and might not think about things as much. You might actually be surprised as to some of the most common things that rich people do that you might do. Sometimes they do this to reserve money and keep it going and other times it’s just simply out of habit.

Check out these 10 Things Rich People Do That You Might Do

10. Shop online for sales
Rich people still look for ways to save money and avoid crowds a lot by just simply shopping online. They can enjoy shopping in the privacy of their own home and not have to worry about reporters chasing them down while they are buying things. They also love looking for discounts online that might not be in their stores.

9. Buy second hand clothes and other items
That name brand shirt they could be wearing might not even be first hand. It very well could be second hand. They might buy other items such as furniture as well second handed. This not only helps them to save money but can help charities and private business owners who might be selling second hand clothing. Personally, I see nothing wrong with rich people buying second hand items or clothing.

8. Buy property that’s affordable
Rich people often times buy homes with cash or either try and make a deposit that covers about 15% of it. Another way rich people save on homes is that they buy older homes that might be in good shape or either have a home built just for them in the price range that they can afford. This is another reason as to why a lot of the rich can afford to buy a few properties because they don’t buy brand new ones.

7. Eat at McDonald’s
You’re not the only one that wakes up wanting something from McDonald’s. Despite how much money they have, you might see a limo sometimes drive thru McDonald’s or either another fast food place. Rich people have busy lives and just want something quick and fast to eat. Maybe they don’t want to sit down and wait at a nice restaurant or who knows, maybe they could very well be craving that Big Mac.

6. Use coupons
if you think you’re the only one that browses the paper for those coupon deals and savings you’re wrong. A lot of rich people tend to pick up the paper and see how much they can save that way. Sure, they have the money to spend regardless of the coupons but why should they waste the money when they can still save it just like everyone else?

5. Never retire
A lot of rich people tend to never retire. They work very hard for their money. On top of working hard for their money, they must stay with their current job until they can no longer work. Other rich people just never retire because they enjoy their job and working. They might also be afraid of losing everything they have if they retire. There might be several other reasons as to why they don’t retire, such as owning their business and might not want to give it up.

4. Say affirmations and meditate
Rich people might be successful for a reason. A lot of them have confidence and they don’t let people stop them with saying that they can’t do something. When they are struggling they will say affirmations, meditate or pray. Affirmations and positive thinking helps them with being successful and to stay on the track that they need in order to accomplish their goals and dreams. Rich people also tend to associate a great deal with other people who tend to be successful in life.

3. Rich people manage their money very well
Most rich people make sure that they watch after their budget. They keep a tight budget despite the fact they can buy whatever they want to get. Using spare money to them is something that they do only when an emergency happens. They work very hard for their money and they want to keep it.

2. Rich people study and continue their growth
The one thing rich people do that might surprise you is that they continue to study and grow. They might take community college classes online or either locally. They know that learning and studying is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the game.

1. They look like you and me
When you go out in the crowds shopping the person right next to you very well could be rich. The smartest rich people don’t look rich or dress like it. They might even drive around in older cars and you won’t be able to tell from their car that they are rich. Even more shockingly, they might even go outside and do chores like mowing their yard, washing their cars or even helping out their neighbors. Your very next door neighbor might be a millionaire, and you might not have the slightest idea because they look just like you and me.

Just remember they are rich for a reason. If you want to become more successful in life and rich but might be stuck, read about other rich people. See how they became rich. Never let fear stop you from reaching your goals and dreams. Rich people push all fear aside and they go after what they want in life always.

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