Top Ten Hottest States In The USA

In the USA it is that time of year where many people feel the heat and forced to stay indoors because of it. Extreme heat can be deadly and more so if people don’t drink enough and might not be use to the heat. If you’re planning a trip to the USA then you might want to know the top ten hottest states and plan accordingly. Just remember, the temperatures change according to the season so if you’re unsure then check the weather channel in the USA first. Sun block lotion is always handy to have whenever you might be visiting a hot state. Another thing that might help so it’s not so hot is just simply wearing a hat plus sunglasses.

10. Louisiana

Louisiana is known to get a lot of rain but she also gets heat. In the winter time places like Lake Charles, Baton Rouge plus New Orleans might go over 60 degrees and that’s hot for the winter. These same places seem to average at around 57 inches of rain if not more per year. Lake Charles people can feel the sun shining half the time but some might claim that it’s just not enough and this is another reason as to why people get surprised about the hot temperatures in Louisiana.

9.   Delaware

In the winter time people in Wilmington can feel relief as it hits around the 40 degrees area but in the summer time you can expect for the temperatures to be around the 80s and sometimes even in the 90’s. Another thing going against Delaware is the fact that it does not get a lot of rain and sometimes it only averages to about 43 inches per year.

8. North and South Carolina

The Carolina’s differ in temperature but not by much. Charleston averages around 57 degrees throughout a good portion of the year with only receiving 46 in of rain. After July it can start turning rather hot in South Carolina and might shock the system after enjoying 57 degree weather. North Carolina averages around the 80’s and the 90’s in the summer but in the winter time it gets around 40 degrees.

7. Georgia

Georgia has some good weather sometimes and then other times it might not be so good. In the summer time it can reach around the high 90’s to even the low 100’s. Macon is also very sunny but at the same time its dry and that might make the hot weather seem even hotter. A lot of times Macon and other parts of Georgia undergo drought during the summer time because of the extreme heat. May and September might be good months to visit Georgia but then in May is when the state gets hit with a lot of tornado watches. However, there are lots of very nice scenery places to visit in Georgia such as the Little Grand Canyon.

6. Florida

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It’s no surprise that Florida makes it in the top ten lists of the hottest weather states in the USA. The hottest cities in Florida tend to be Daytona Beach, Key West, Tampa, Orlando, Gainesville plus Vero Beach. In the summer temperatures climb up to around 90’s and sometimes in Mid July/August some places might see around 100. Visitors often times head straight to the beach to cool down from the heat.

5. Arizona

One place in Arizona that is always very hot is Tucson. Sometimes the temperature in Tucson goes over 100 degrees and it will remain this hot even in October and sometimes thru April. It’s also usually very dry in this area and every year they might only see about 12 inches of rain in Tucson. The rest of the time it averages around 85 degrees.

4. Texas

Texas averages around the mid 90’s and sometimes might even get hotter than California. One place in Texas that does feel nice near round is Galveston and between January to August people can experience temps of around 61/90 degrees. If you want a very dry climate then head on out to Del Rio. Annually, Del Rio only experiences around 19 inches of rain.

3. Tennessee

In the fall Tennessee can average very comfortable temperatures. Sometimes in the winter there are some places in Tennessee that might even see snow. Tennessee was not always on the hottest list but now Tennessee is experiencing temperatures of around 100/105 degrees and sometimes even hotter. Another thing that hurts the state of Tennessee is that they are also known to have a lot of tornadoes in the spring time.

2. Alabama

One city in Alabama that gets hot during the summer time is Birmingham. It can reach around 100 degrees or more in just only Birmingham. Other cities that get hot in the summer include Alabaster reaching around 99 degrees, Evergreen reaching around 94 degrees and Dothan reaching around 98 degrees. Many cities in Alabama reach near 100 degrees throughout the summer. It gets cooler in the winter time but it still feels like fall in the winter.

1. California

Perhaps the hottest state in the USA is California. In cities such as Santa Barbara, San Diego plus Santa Maria have temperatures of around the 60’s and above throughout the year. This might also make winter uncomfortable and people there might not get any snow. It just gets worse for them in the summer and most cities feel the heat when it gets to around 100 degrees or more in California.


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