Top 10 Most Worst Facebook Conversations

While using the all known Facebook, there come times when everything seems to go bizarre. Facebook conversations should be for the purpose of social interaction within the specified limits. Most of the people forget the very basic fact that facebook conversations come to exhibit one's back stage persona or the backstage self. In this top ten list i would be sharing some of the most weird and funny facebook conversations. I have used the term most worst in order to express the degree of stupidity and fun found in these fb conversations. Here is the list of the top 10 most worst facebook conversations.

10. Is Herpes That Bad?

9. Poor Poor Pussy Cat

8. Intimacy

7. That's Really Cheap

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6. The Perfect Breakup

5. The Super Talented Hacker

4. The Haunted Brothers

3. Is That Big

2. She is a Genious

1. Matt Is Really Stupid


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