Superpowers that Might Be Annoying to Have

If you’re a fan of The Avengers or superheroes in general, you’ll know that they have some awesome superpowers. You might find yourself wanting to have some of these powers. Can you imagine how cool it would be if some of us had even just one or two of those superpowers that the superheroes have? The one thing about superpowers is that while they might seem cool to have, some of them could be annoying and very inconvenient.

Check out these Superpowers that Might Be Annoying to Have

Super Strength
You might be wondering why or how this superpower might be annoying. Imagine trying to go out on a date and having super strength. You might find it hard to hug them or even do things while you’re out. On the flip side, you can’t hide super strength. Your date would know exactly what they would be getting into if they decided to go out.

Stopping time and manipulating it
When you’ve stopped time that means everyone’s time has been paused except for yours. The reason this might work is because of possibly an energy field which allows time to be moved on the outside for you. If you don’t know what you’re doing you might find yourself trapped inside time manipulation without ever being able to come out. Another thing, you could even find yourself aging the more and more you use time manipulation while everyone else looks their age.

Phasing and Intangibility
You might think that walking through the walls could be very lucrative and even convenient. There might even be times it could save your life with this ability but at the same time it could be annoying. The downside is that as you’re phasing and going through the walls, you might find yourself getting trapped suddenly. This superpower might even get you killed if you don’t pay attention at all times.

Enhanced Senses
Sure, having enhanced senses might help at times but overall, it could cause a lot of problems. You could find yourself having trouble concentrating from being able to hear everything. It doesn’t just stop with hearing. Not only can you hear but the other problem with enhanced senses would be actually smelling all sorts of smells no one else would want to smell. You’ll be able to smell cheap body spray and the smell will be amplified by at least ten times or more.

Being able to Induce Sneezing or Coughing
I would think if you could induce sneezing or coughing whenever you wanted that it might be a great distraction at times but on the flip it could get old fast. What if you’re out and not thinking about things and suddenly everyone is sneezing around you? However, if you’re on a date or somewhere you don’t want to be making them sneeze or cough over and over might be the thing to get you out of it.

Creating Colored Energy
If you have ever watched X-men and have seen Jubilee, then you know that she’s able to generate bright colored energy. She calls this energy fireworks that actually comes from her fingers. She claims that her fireworks can explode and be extremely dangerous. What would happen if you had this superpower and they accidentally exploded at a place that you didn’t want them to explode? As you can see, this can cause a lot of problems quickly.

Limited Teleportation
Teleportation would be awesome to have but it would be so lame if what you had was limited. In the great lakes avengers this was one of their problems. What if you transported into a room and needed to go somewhere else fast? It would be terrible if you were in one room when suddenly the person comes in unexpected and you couldn’t go anywhere and got busted.

Becoming immobile
Legion from Super-Heroes was able to turn himself into stone. This caused him to become immobile. It took him a lot of time to learn how to be able to move the stone that he had formed. Can you imagine how terrible it would be not to be able to move or go anywhere from the superpower that you had? What would happen if you needed to use the bathroom but couldn’t move because you were immobile? Hopefully you won’t have any plans to go anywhere if this does just happen suddenly to you. You’ll be stuck for a good while unless if you figure it out fast.

Yelling Extremely Loud like Thunder
No one really likes being yelled at no matter who it is from. Can you imagine if you could yell louder then the average person? Another downside would be not only getting a lot of dirty looks from people but also it could cause some damage to your vocal cords. It’s a good thing that parents don’t have this ability to be able to yell much louder then the average person or do they have this ability? Is this how they can get your attention?

Body parts detaching
There are times when being able to detach your arm or leg might sound cool and come in handy but overall, it would be very annoying. It wouldn’t not only be annoying but could also be painful. However, you could also take your arm off when needed and hit someone over the head with it and see them fall over from your arm. Another downfall, what would happen if you don’t know how to attach it back to yourself?

As you can see, having a super power might seem cool and fun to have but sometimes having a special super power isn’t as awesome as it seems it would be. The best super power ever is for you to just be you and then you never know what gifts and magic might happen as a result of you being you. If you try to pretend to be a super human with these super power gifts it might not go over so great for you.

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