10 Funny Facebook Status Updates

You might have heard about Facebook, haven’t you? Facebook statuses these days reveal that what the people are around the world are chirping. Each year Facebook analyses some of the most hilarious facebook status updates. For those who do not know, a Facebook status is not like the regular tweets that you do. It is in fact more expressive and personified than you can imagine. You might have heard about the famous term known as “HMU” which means hit me up. In this list I would be sharing with you some of the funny Facebook status updates. So, tell me do you have a clever Facebook status or a hilarious one? Here is the list of the 10 funny Facebook status updates.

10. The Fantastic Two

9. The Irrelevant Status

8. Bombing or Earthquake

7. Matt Is a Genious

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6. Latest Research: Gays Can Be Great Mathematicians

5. Usama Bin Laden is Back with a Bang

4. The Cocky Grandma

3. My Great Friends

2. Dear Gregory, You Should Look After Your Mama

1. No Heading for This One


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