10 best underrated movies you should watch

You might have watched a cheap viagra number of movies till now, but have you ever imaged the fact that there are some movies

which completely pass in front of you without you even noticing them. These underrated movies are surely worth your watch. So the next ti

me you go to the video store, do remember to give these 10 best underrated movies a chance to be watched. Here they are.

10. Session 9

The plot of the movie revolves around the events taking place in a mental asylum. Then, soon the workers start realizing that the horrifying history of the place is coming to life.

"Session 9"

9. Martyrs

Two friends go on a journey to find out the people responsible for inflicting abuses on them in the past, unaware of the things and hardships that lie ahead. It is one of the most underrated movies of the present times.


8. Frontier (S)

A gang of thieves escape from Paris for seeking refuge, unaware of the fact that they were going to arrive at inn which was under the control of some neo-nazis.

"Frontier (S)"

7. Frailty

The plot deals with the confessions of an FBI agent who tells the complete life story of his family. But things start to get weird when he informs the policemen about the murders which his father had foreseen long ago.


6. Mother

Mother is the story of a woman searching for a murdered who ruined her and her child’s life.


5. Last Night-1998

People with different mindsets and of different personality types get a chance to be with one another and witness the end of the world.

"Last Night 1998"

4. The Fly

An exceptional and hardworking scientist starts to feel changes in his body soon after an experiment of his goes wrong. The bodily changes showed that he was changing into a fly.

"The Fly"

3. Irreversible

The move is the story of a girl who is assualted by a stranger and the events that follow this attack. It is surely a brilliant display of human emotions and desire to change the events that happened.


2. Hellraiser

A dead man makes an escape from hell and comes to visit his unfaithful wife. At the same time, he is followed by giant demons, destined to take him back to hell.


1. The Man From Earth

Here we have the best and most underrated movie of all times. It is an excellent science fiction movie with a number of twists and turns. The lead character of the movie Harry takes all of his colleagues on an abstract journey they were always going to remember.

"The Man From Earth"

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