Top 10 Most Expensive and Amazing Wedding Dresses in the World

The wedding dress is not just any dress. In fact it is a darn expensive dress, as it is to be worn only once in a life time. On an average rate, the bridal gown costs nearly $ 1200 in most of the stores, no matter where you live. Furthermore, many of the premium designer gowns sell for much more rates, normally topping $ 2000, $ 3000 and more. Well, bridal mode is in fact much more than a few thousand dollars. The price of the gown itself is only the beginning because there are a number of hidden costs that follow the initial price. The prices mentioned are for those bridal gowns which are designed for the mediocre, but the focus of this article is to bring to light some of the most expensive wedding dresses in the world. Clearly, the more money you are willing to spend on the dresses, the more high quality dress you will get. Let us now take a look at the top 10 most expensive wedding dresses in the world.

10. Yumi Katsura Glittery Gown Wedding Dress

Prepared by a designer located in Hong Kong, The Glittery Gown wedding is really a staggering master piece. The overall weight of the dress is nearly 40lbs which indeed the quality of materials which have been used in its manufacturing. Furthermore, 10 thousand karats of jewels have also been added into it. The price of the suit is nearly US $ 130,000.

9. Victoria Beckham Wedding Dress

Known to be one of the most inspirational and strapless wedding gown, this dress is unlike any other wedding dresses you have would have ever seen. According to various sources, the price of this wedding gown topped £ 10000. Since the time of the Beckham wedding, many women all around the world have tried to buy replica wedding dresses.

8. Imperial Pearl Syndicate Wedding Dress

Created initially as a luxury gown in the 1950 and weighing nearly 27lbs, the price of this dress had topped US $ 100,000. The entire gown was loaded with thousands of pearls and other silk materials. The prime designers behind this dress were Nina Foch and Gloria Swanson.

7. Mauro Adami Wedding Dress

As the name suggests, this bridal gown was designed by an Italian named Mauro Adami. Nearly 40 meters of fabric and platinum based materials were used in the making of this dress. Surely, this dress has been designed for the elites and no middle class person can afford to buy such a dress, as the price alone is more than the amount you would be planning to spend on the complete wedding functions. The price of this heavenly dress is nearly US $ 400,299.

6. Catherine Zeta Jones Wedding Dress

I am sure that you would all be well aware of this Hollywood Actress. No doubt, she was one of the most beautiful actresses ever produced by the Hollywood Industry. In the year 2000, she married Michael Douglas, an actor and a producer. The wedding dress she wore was known by the name of Christian Lacroix Wedding Dress.  The nearly 6 feet long train, diamonds, jewels and much more account for the price of this dress which is nearly US $ 1.5 million.

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5. Peacock Feather Wedding Dress

With a price of nearly US $ 1.5 million, at number we have the Peacock Feather Wedding Dress. The main feature which accounts for the high costs of this dress, are the peacock weathers. Vera Wang, the designer of the dress has made a number of expensive dresses in the world. Furthermore, she has also designed numerous bridal dresses for a number of Hollywood Actresses. Although the Peacock Feather is really an opulent dress, still it is not the most expensive. Vera claims that the dress she designed for Jennifer Lopez’s marriage was much more costly than this one.

4. Melania Knauss Wedding Dress

Named after the bride who wore the dress, the exact cost of this wedding gown has never been calculated. In the year 2005, Melania has married the billionaire Donald Trump which indeed elucidates a lot more about the cost of the wedding dress. The dress also featured nearly 1500 pearls and classical rhinestones. Surprisingly, the weight of the dress was nearly equivalent to the weight of the bride.

3. Diamond Wedding Gown

This expensive and extravagant wedding gown was designed by the duo, Jeweler Martin Katz and Renee Strauss, thus making it one of the most expensive wedding dresses ever. The dress featured a staggering 150 carats worth diamonds, rare rhinestones, diamond laced veil and much more. The price of this dress has been calculated to be nearly US $ 12 million. It is also happens to be one of those wedding dresses which will always have a high re sale value after the wedding. Just take a look at the picture to see how spectacular this wedding gown was.

2. Grace Kelly Wedding Dress

Designed in the 1950’s by Helen Rose, a top notch design of those days, this wedding dress is also priceless. It was designed for Grace Kelley’s marriage to Prince Rainier of Monaco. The fabrication used in the dress included 100 yards of silk net, silk taffeta, full skirt, jewel based collar, and much more. It is in fact one of the most lovely and beautiful wedding dress ever made.

1.    Princess Diana Wedding Gown

Who can forget the wedding of Princess Diana to Prince Charles in the year 1981? The wedding dress which Princess Diana wore is still the most expensive wedding dress ever. Designed by Elizabeth Manuel, one of the most talented and well known designers of her times, the dress featured silk taffeta, ivory lace, 10,000 pearls, numerous jewels, 25 foot train and sequins. It is still believed that the exact cost of the dress can never be estimated with complete accuracy, as it is a time timeless wedding gown which was worn by the most beautiful Princess ever. If anyone of you is planning to bid for this dress, then it is imperative that you should change your mind.


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