5 Recession Proof Jobs

Recession occurs when rich scumbags of this world stop spending money and the circulation of money decreases. In recession there aren’t many jobs a person can do. After thinking a lot we have come up with few jobs which will be best for a person to do in recession.

1. Beggar


In recessions everyone becomes a beggar. But you can literary be a beggar. Sit on the road and ask everyone for a penny or two. You can definitely make a living out of it.

2. Security


The big shot will have money no matter if its recession or no recession. These kinds of guys are always threatened by the idea of being killed or robbed. There is a great chance that you get to be a security personal for them.

3. Teacher


In recession parents don’t take their children off the schools. There are always going to be students to teach. Pick up a chair (optional) and a black board n start a school of your own.

4. Doctor


In recession people are stressed and tensed. They will get diseases which they might not get in normal days. Doctors are ones who earns the most in recession, especially heart surgeons due to the fact that people are more likely to have heart attacks in recession than normal days.

5. Undertaker


When doctor fails to save a patient from a life taking stress or disease, he dies and has to be buried. The next best job after doctor is of a grave digger. People are going to die recession or no recession. It is a 4-season job.


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